ESOL: English

May 21 - 25, 2012

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Classwork and Homework
The rest of the semester will be spent working on museum display and presentation of your novel.  The display needs to be completed by Wednesday, May 30th.  This is the final exam for English this semester.  Please see attached rubric. 

May 14 - 18th, 2012

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Monday - Gallery Display Sketch due - symbol discussion
Tuesday - themes and settings
Wednesday - Read Book
Friday - Finish book - you should all be finished with your book by this date!
Monday - Gallery display sketch due
Tuesday - Read Book - finish book at the end of this week
Wednesday - Identify two themes and two settings from your book and write a paragraph about each one. Why are they important to your story?
Friday - Finish Book!!!!!
Weekend Homework - begin to collect artifacts for museum display. Find the movie for your book and watch.

May 7 - 11th, 2012

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Monday - Deb to come in to explain final exam "Literary Museum Gallery" and answer questions
Tuesday - Kim Rizzio to come to class to explain summer reading/projects/experiences and answer questions
Wednesday - Writing conversations
Friday - role play - peer pressure / finding symbols in your book

Monday - Write 10 sentences about what you did over the weekend.  Try to write complex sentences using proper verb tense and including new vocabulary.  Watch for capitalization and punctuation including comma and period usage.
Tuesday - Read book!
Wednesday - Read book!
Friday - Read and write down 5 symbols in your book and be ready to discuss
Homework - sketch ideas for museum display

April 30 - May 4th, 2012

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Monday - Gray's Anatomy Season One Episode 3 - Introduce Characters - watch episode - identify key scientific terms, plot etc.
Tuesday - Gray's Anatomy Lesson Continued
Wednesday - Oral Reading - How to Read the Boston Globe
Friday - Final Book Project Explained in great detail - rubrics given - Student read-aloud
Monday - Bring note that you read 10 pages of your book
Tuesday - Begin watching another Gray's Anatomy episode from season one and write summary - Due Wednesday -
Wednesday - Watch Gray's Anatomy episode from season one and write summary - just do a search on you tube and find an episode that is at least 40 minutes in length
Friday - You should be around 1/2 way through your book - SEE me outside of class if you are falling behind.

April 23rd - 27th, 2012

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Monday - TOEFL practice in Hunter lab:  Go to the following websites - take the practice tests and review the information.
Tuesday - Bring book to class - oral reading
Wednesday - Oral reading
Friday -  Sketch out some images of your story - class share
Monday - Read 20 pages of book
Tuesday - Write 2 paragraphs about how you did on your TOEFL prep tests in the lab on Monday and how you feel about taking the TOEFL test. 
Wednesday - no homework
Friday - Read book-Write journal reflection about your novel reading process. How is it going? Are you enjoying the book? Are you understanding the book?
For Weekend - read 10 pages of book with adult and bring in signed note saying you did the reading.

April 9 - 13th, 2012

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Monday - First chapter writing and vocabulary reflection due - talk about book progress
Tuesday - Research book online
Wednesday - TOEFL Practice - Hunter Lab
Monday - Read through page 30 - complete vocabulary journal
Tuesday - Read five pages of book to host family member - get them to sign that you read to them,
Wednesday - Book summary from online site
Friday - Book summary from online site due!!
Over break - read 20 pages of your book - record words in vocabulary journal. Be ready to share.

April 2- 6th, 2012

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Monday - Introduce Book Project
Tuesday - Present first 10 pages of your book
Wednesday - Grammar Lesson
Friday - Reading time
For Monday - Gone with the Wind reflective writing
For Tuesday - Get book Journal (notebook for vocab etc) read first 10 pages of book and be prepared to share - write all new words in journal
For Wednesday - No homework
For Friday - vocabulary journal check - continue reading book
For Weekend - Complete chapter 1 of your book - write all notes/questions/new words in journal.

March 26th - 30th, 2012

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Monday:  Gone with the Wind - Character, plot, timeline,
Tuesday: Gone with the Wind - finish up
Wednesday: Oral Story presentations
Friday: Begin new book project
Due Monday:  oral stories due
Due Tuesday:  No homework
Due Wednesday:  Oral Stories
Due Friday:  Gone with the Wind Reflection - quiz
For weekend:  Gone with the Wind Reflective Writing.  Use character characteristics
to guide your writing.  The last paragraph should be your opinion about the movie and what you learned by watching it.  Also - preview new book

March 19 - 23rd, 2012

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Monday: Meet in Hunter - Listen to story online
Tuesday: Meet in Hunter - listening excercises
Wednesday: Idioms and irregular verbs
Friday: Idiom packet due - oral stories
Due Monday: Grammar word packet
Due Tuesday: 1/2 page summary of story
Due Wednesday: No Homework
Due Friday:  Idiom and irregular verb packet
Over weekend - Create oral story to share with class

March 12 - 15th, 2012

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Monday - Final book submissions - speaking activities


Due Monday -No Homework  
Due Tuesday - Reflection on plaigerism
Due Wednesday - Grammar lesson due
No class Friday for students!
Over the weekend - To be announced

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