Barcelona, Spain

posted Feb 27, 2012, 8:45 AM by Anharad Llewelyn
We have arrived in Barcelona, Spain where we are going to spend three nights in the "Melon District" hotel meant for college students to have a place to stay. Today (Thursday) we walked around the city where we relaxed in a beautiful park with decorative fountains, took a lot of pictures, and then visited a delicious chocolate shop and saw many of Gaudi's Modernist buildings.  It was more of an "unstructured" day with the visit to the Sagrada Familia as the big highlight.  The Sagrada Familia is an enormous cathedral built by Antoni Gaudí, a man who never got to see his work finished and won't be able to see it finished and even today it isn't finished. The estimated year that it will be completed is 2028. This gigantic building was started in 1882 and has so many things to tell in the stone about Jesus and many other stories.  The stained glass inside of the cathedral casts incredible colors throughout the interior.  We took an elevator to the top and saw an amazing view of the city of Barcelona, and then walked the many, many winding stairs to the bottom!  We stopped at a few gift shops and made our way back to the hotel for a nice dinner.