7th Envir. Science

May 2-6

posted Apr 28, 2016, 11:45 AM by Erin Duffy   [ updated May 3, 2016, 12:10 PM ]

No Env. Science book needed in class this week, we will be using the Water books.

MONDAY - Transpiration, Water resources and vocabulary, Water Book pages 68-74 (Homework: Review new notes)

TUESDAY - Water resources and vocabulary, Water Book pages 68-74 (Homework:  Review all water vocabulary terms/definitions)

WEDNESDAY - Water vocabulary review (Homework: Review all vocabulary for a quiz next class!)

THURSDAY / FRIDAY - Water quiz, Septic Tank (Homework: locate your septic tank)

April 25-29

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Book to class Monday and Wednesday

MONDAY - Introduction to water unit (Homework: "Log" write down your own 24 hour water use)

TUESDAY - Water use log analysis, conservation pages 92-93 in Water Book (Homework: Water conservation goal)

WEDNESDAY - Environmental Science book reading pg. 132 groundwater, review water cycle pages 48-49 (Homework: review new notes/terms)

THURSDAY / FRIDAY - SBAC testing some classes, Outdoor activity for others *weather permitting (Homework: None, but remember to conserve water!)

April 11-15

posted Apr 8, 2016, 11:58 AM by Erin Duffy

Book to class Monday

MONDAY - Atmosphere & Air Pollution review (Homework: study for Quiz on Tuesday)

TUESDAY - Atmosphere & Air Pollution Quiz, final details for class presentation on Wednesday (Homework: Finish Air Pollution Solution work for next class)

WEDNESDAY - Air Pollution Solution presentations (Homework: none)

THURSDAY / FRIDAY - Thursday C2 SBAC testing, Thursday C3 and Friday C8 "Inconvenient Truth" DVD (Homework: None, have a wonderful Spring Break!)

April 4-8

posted Apr 4, 2016, 3:32 AM by Erin Duffy

Book to class Monday & Tuesday

MONDAY - CFC and Ozone Depletion, pages 146-149 (Homework: Chlorine graph with questions, page 149)

TUESDAY - Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming, pages 150-151 (Homework: Air pollution success topic)

WEDNESDAY - Computer Lab for air pollution success research (Homework: None, have a fun trip to Boston!)

THURSDAY / FRIDAY - Boston Trip, no classes  (Homework: Air pollution success writing due next Wednesday)

March 28-April 1

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Environmental Science Book to class Tuesday & Wednesday

MONDAY - Air pollution fact sharing, introduction to atmosphere (Homework: review atmosphere layers)

TUESDAY - Layers of the atmosphere, Smog (Homework: Learn atmosphere layers...hint and read pages 138-139 and define SMOG and EMISSIONS in your notes)

WEDNESDAY - Smog and Emissions (Homework: Read pages 142-143 and write a short opinion paragraph...Is the US tough enough? Is it better or worse than 50 years ago?  Are you doing your part to help?)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY - Air pollution paragraph sharing, Acid Rain, possible fresh air activity...outdoors *weather permitting   (Homework: What does CFC stand for?)

March 21-25

posted Mar 18, 2016, 11:54 AM by Erin Duffy

Chemistry book to class Tuesday for collection

MONDAY - Polymers (Homework: Chemistry book to class tomorrow!)

TUESDAY - Pun with elements activity (Homework: Bring in science experiment materials for partner activity)

WEDNESDAY - Chemistry experiments! (Homework: Research/write down 1 US air pollution fact or statistic on index card to share in class)

THURSDAY / FRIDAY - Dress for outdoor activity (Homework: None)

March 14-18

posted Mar 11, 2016, 6:31 AM by Erin Duffy

Chemistry book needed in class Monday and at home over the weekend

MONDAY - Chemistry unit review (Homework: study for Chemistry Test)

TUESDAY - Chemistry unit review (Homework: study for Chemistry Test)

WEDNESDAY - Chemistry Test (Homework: none)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY - Chemistry experiments group activity (Homework: Chemistry book read pages 118-119, define POLYMER in your notes with a few examples)

*See attached study guide and presentation below

March 7-11

posted Mar 4, 2016, 10:25 AM by Erin Duffy

Chemistry book to class Monday-Wednesday

MONDAY - Metal sentence review, Non-Metals, uses/properties pages 98-102 (Homework: finish/review notes)

TUESDAY - Review non-metals (Homework: review new notes)

WEDNESDAY - Metalloids, Halogens & Noble Gases (Homework: study for big chemistry test next week!)

THURSDAY *all classes meet - meet in Hunter Computer Lab for chemistry activity (Homework: see Wednesday night)

February 29-March 4

posted Feb 26, 2016, 10:43 AM by Erin Duffy

Chemistry book to class all week

MONDAY - Finish element presentations, Meet the METAL elements, pages 88-94 (Homework: finish/review metal properties)

TUESDAY - METAL elements continued, pages 88-94 (Homework: Find some metal elements in your food!)

WEDNESDAY - Metal salts demonstration, uses (Homework: Review chemistry/metal notes)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY - Metal Alloys, pages 130-134 (Homework: 5 METAL acrostic review sentences)

February 22-26

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Chemistry book to class Tuesday & Wednesday this week

MONDAY - Meet in Hunter Computer Lab for element research (Homework: present element “fact card” in long class at the end of the week)

TUESDAY - Trends of the Periodic Table, compounds/subscripts (Homework: review notes, work on element fact card)

WEDNESDAY - Trends of the Periodic Table continued (Homework: review notes, finish element fact card for next class)

THURSDAY/FRIDAY - Element fact card sharing in class (Homework: none, but maybe review your chemistry notes)

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