Hey, it's Orville Wright here talking to you about my...well me and my brother's webpage.So hope you like it!

                       BIRTH AND DEATH!
  • I'm born on August 19,1871(best day EVER)
  • My brother Wilbur was born on May 30,1912 (good day for him)
  • I died on January 30,1948 (sad day)
  • My brother died on May 30,1912(made my cry)
  • I had 3 years of high school (cool right!)
  • My brother had 4 years on high school (one more year from me,yeah)
                        My Family
  • Milton Wright (awesome dad)
  • Susan Wright(awesome mom)
  • Wilbur Wright (awesome brother)
  • And 3 other siblings...
While I was inventing my AIRPLANE there was two wars going on,
the two wars were The May Coup(Serbia) and Llinden-Preobrazhenie
Uprising. Long name for a war! Also Theodore Roosevelt was 
president! That was great.

Here is an image of me!!                                            

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