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My name is Sandy Hill-Budreau.  I taught sixth grade for 25 years and then slowly transitioned into the world of technology. I was the technology integration specialist for the next 16 years in a school where teachers were eager to try and took the risk.  After 41 years of teaching at the Middle School level, I decided to continue on the path I am passionate about and that is integrating technology into the K-12 school curriculum.  

Now, as a consultant, I work with Pre K - 12 teachers, and love every minute of it.

This site is a mix of blog, resources and news posts on technology integration.


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Getting Started with PlayPosit

March 7, 2017
New TIES Promo video

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March 7, 2017

We were lucky enough to have FloDesign from Wilbraham come to Wolf Swamp Road and visit with Mrs. Batchelor's 5th grade classes.  The topic was mixtures and solutions and how you separate them with sonic waves.  The demo was amazing with a machine that FloDesign developed to separate mixtures.



January 21, 2017
I visited Wolf Swamp Road School and dropped into Mrs. Dufraine's technology class.  The kids were really focused on their projects using LIttleBits  and the Steam Students Sets.

January 20, 2017
Grade 6 is working on an ancient Egypt project.  This Google map depicts the names of their projects, locations, images and a QR code which will bring you to their webpages.

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December, 2016
Illustration-guru Sylvia Duckworth repackaged ed leader George Couros’ take here by visualizing on the kinds of things you might notice in a modern classroom.

November 27, 2016

Using the New Google Templates

Tutorial - Using the new Google Templates

November 23, 2016
I had the opportunity to go visit Chelsea Berry's math class at Blueberry Hill.  Her students were working with Osmos, a unique gaming accessory for the iPad.  By using a mirror gadget that attaches to the camera of the iPad, the technology knows what the student is manipulating and responds.  Watching the students collaborate and problem solve while having such a good time was amazing. Osmos comes with manipulatives, including currency and coins and also has modules for Literacy. 


November 23, 2016
The TIES website is up and although "under construction", important information can be found there.

October 31, 2016

Last week I watched Pam Novak at Glenbrook Middle School give a demonstration of the Augumented Reality Sandbox which they received with a LEEF Grant (Longmeadow Excellence in Education Fund).  It was Awesome!!! Here are some vdeo clips.



September 2016

This month I went to visit Colleen Santaniello's classroom at Williams Middle School.  Students were really engaged with Breakout EDU.   Breakout EDU games teach critical thinking, teamwork, complex problem solving, and can be used in all content areas. 


Breakout Edu is an educational experience designed to improve the problem solving skills, observational skills, and social skills of students. The students are challenged to work together as a class and following clues in order to solve a problem in a certain amount of time. This challenge is designed to review or introduce curriculum in a way that increases student motivation and enthusiasm. This is the first time I have ever tried this activity and my students and I found it incredibly exciting and informative. It was unlike any experience I, or they have ever had. We are looking forward to our next adventure.  

Colleen said, "I used this activity to introduce some science concepts, like energy, density, and the laws of motion. The activity further developed student collaboration, critical thinking, and other simple skills like following directions!"

September 2016
The Longmeadow Public School District will highlight technology in learning at the Technology in Education Showcase.
Students and teachers will exhibit interactive projects that highlight how technology enhances learning across curricula areas and across all grade levels. Visitors to the TIES will learn about the creative ways that technology enriches learning and enjoy the opportunity to engage with teachers and students as they share their projects. TIES will highlight a sampling of projects from all schools in the district - kindergarten students through Longmeadow High School students! Participants are eager to share their technology talents and innovative learning with members of the Longmeadow community and beyond

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