Biography - Robert Fulton

The first object I ever saw was a cow. The first sound I ever heard was a cock-a-doodle-doo. The first thing I ever felt was a brown liquid made from some sort of pink blob.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Robert Fulton, inventor of the Steam-Engine. I had always been attracted to Steam-Engines when I was little.
  • I was born on a farm in a place called Little Britain Country, Pennsylvania on November 14th, 1765.
  • When I was born, a quick Revolutionary War Tour took place.
  • I had 3 sisters, Isabella, Elizabeth, and Mary. I had 1 brother Abraham.
  • I learned to read and write at home and then was sent to a Quaker School for early education.
  • I married Harriet Livingston and had 4 kids, Julia, Mary, Cornelia, and Robert.
  •  In 1774, I invented the Steam-Boat and it helped many people with transportation. 
  •  I finally died on February 24th, 1815 in New York City, New York by Tuberculosis.
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