I was born in 1795 (One of the best days I've had,  but I unfortunately don't remember it. )
Unfortunately,  I died in 1890  and was 95 at the time.  I had a great time and I'm happy I lived that long.

Not many know where I am from, articles say that I'm from New England and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  but I will tell you the truth I am from  I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I  am actually a Philadelphia housewife and I am a widow. Many also don't know about my education. To be more specific I am a widow of a professor at the Smithsonian institution.  I lived in Washington,DC and  that's all anyone knows about my family. 

At the time of when my invention was made Samuel M. Morse invented the telegraph he send his first message on May,24,1844 Samuel sent it to Washington, Baltimore and that is quite all I remember of what was going on at the time of when I invented my Hand cranked Ice Cream Maker.  
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