Welcome back!

Wolf Swamp Road School
Longmeadow, MA

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Greetings to all of my awesome music students!  I am so excited to be starting my 4th year at Wolf Swamp Road School!  I thought I would just lay out a few things to look forward to this year...

    * 5th graders will get to try their hands at ukuleles this year as well as write their own piece of music for graduation.

  * 4th graders will be getting back to recorders in just a few weeks.  We'll do some of the Karate program and students can work on duets if they want a little extra challenge.  

    * 3rd graders finally get to start recorder this year - yay!  They will be participating in the popular Recorder Karate program and will earn fancy tassels to decorate their instruments as they learn new skills and songs.

    * 2nd graders can look forward to our Patriotic Program in May when we will perform at Long Meddowe Days to great acclaim :)

    * First graders will learn lots of songs about 
animals and habitats and I am hoping to put together some sort of performance for parents..  We'll see how the year progresses...

    * Kindergarteners will learn lots of fun games & songs to develop rhythm & pitch matching skills.  

And everyone at Wolf Swamp will learn special music to participate in our Winter Holiday Program just before Winter vacation.  Such a fun way to enjoy our special school community!