Week Of: May 22, 2017

Important Dates/Information For This Week:

We enjoyed celebrating all our hard work in Math Workshop this year with an ice cream social.  The students have been working very hard. It was well deserved.

1. Third Grade's Got Talent - We are excited to celebrate the talents in our class! A packet went home Friday, May 19th. The Talent Selection Forms are due Wednesday, May 24th. Videos need to be electronically submitted by June 2nd. If you want your child to be recorded at school instead, students should be prepared on June 2nd. Please see the packet for all the specific details.

2. FIELD DAY is Friday, May 26th - Please remember to have students wear sunscreen and send them with water bottles.

3. Sturbridge Field Trip -  Our trip is Wednesday, May 31st.

4.  Helping Hands is sponsoring a gently used book drive for the students at Brookings School in Springfield. It will be for one day- Field Day- Friday, May 26th. So while you are spring cleaning or thinking about spring cleaning please put any gently used books aside and remember to send in with your child or bring with you to Field Day. 

5. Parent input forms for 4th grade placement went home Wednesday, May 10th. They are due by June 1st.

7. Social Studies - Student will start a new unit with Ms. Iancu. They will be studying the First People of Massachusetts - Wampanoag and Pilgrim.

6. Homework -

Normal homework routine this week.

Reading - Reading - 20 minutes

Word Study - quiz on Friday. Work on a different activity each night

Facts - New fact will be assigned this week - 2 division fact. Students should study these facts 5 minutes each night. They should also continue to review previous facts.

Additional activities will be assigned. See student agendas nightly.

Mark Your Calendars for Future Dates - 

Old Sturbridge Village Field Trip - "Save the Date" information page will go home 3/3/17. Our field trip date is set for May 31st and the cost will be $37. More detailed information will be sent in the upcoming months. We are looking forward to it. This field trip experience compliments our Social Studies curriculum so well!

Book Drive to benefit the Brookings School

Helping Hands is sponsoring a gently used book drive for the students at Brookings School in Springfield. It will be for one day-field day- Friday, May 26th. So while you are spring cleaning or thinking about spring cleaning please put any gently used books aside and remember to send in with your child or bring with you to field day. 

Division - Fact Letter

                                                                                                                                                         May 2017

Dear Families,

Thank you for your support in having your children practice their multiplication facts nightly.  Knowing facts is an essential part of our third grade learning because it helps students to form the building blocks for higher level math concepts.  When children can recall facts quickly and easily, it makes them better equipped to tackle more complex tasks. This is such an important skill as the students move up in the grade levels.

Students will continue to have periodic multiplication math fact quizzes to keep these skills fresh, however it is also time to start our new division routine.  

In our multiplication and division units earlier in the year, we learned about the relationship between multiplication and division.  This will be an important relationship to remember as students study their division facts.

Since students already know their multiplication facts, the process of learning division facts should come more easily.  Example: Student thinking - “I know 3 x 5 = 15 and 5 x 3 = 15, so 153 = 5 and 15 5 = 3.”

Because of this close relationship, you will notice that the fact papers we are sending home will have both the multiplication facts and division facts listed.  This will allow student to continue to review the multiplication facts while learning the division facts.  We also hope this will serve as a helpful reminder to students that they should use the multiplication facts they know to help them learn their division facts.

Our division routine will follow the same structure that we followed for studying our multiplication facts.

Division Fact Routine:

  • Beginning of Week 1 - Students will be assigned a new fact to study at home (i.e., 5 facts) .

  • End of Week 1 - Students will participate in a “partner check” in school to see which facts they know automatically, and which facts they should continue to study.

  • Beginning of Week 2 - Students should continue practicing the assigned fact.

  • End of Week 2 - A Math Fact Quiz will be given in school on the assigned fact table.

Quizzes will go home.  At the beginning of the following week, we will assign a new division table to study.  The routine above will be repeated with that new fact.  Although new facts will be introduced every two weeks, it will be very important to continue practicing facts that have been quizzed to retain what has been learned.  

At home, students should study their Math facts for 5 minutes each day.   We will also be working on fact fluency in school.  Thank you for partnering with us!

Kind regards,

The Grade 3 Team

Helpful Reminder:  Facts are considered automatic if students know them within 3 seconds.  



  1. You will find a practice chart attached.  To practice their facts, students can start with a review of their multiplication facts.  Cover up the multiplication products with a pencil or strip of paper.  Students can say the multiplication equation and product, and then slide the pencil/paper down the column to reveal the correct product.  They can study the facts in order, and then mixed up.  Then students can use what they know about multiplication to help them learn their division facts.

  1. Visit to print out your own flashcards.  


-Mrs Hutton has a new Twitter account.  Please follow her for her "tweets"!  Twitter: @HuttonDonna

Box Tops for Education

Each year Longmeadow's Center Elementary School participates in the Box Tops for Education program. This is a program that donates $.10 for every Box Top turned in by the school. Box Tops can be found on many products, including General Mills cereals, Kleenex, Ziploc, Nature Valley products, Yoplait, to name just a handful.  This is a great way for schools to earn extra monetary donations to their PTO!

Who will win the Golden Scissor Award this year?!

We are asking students and their families to help us collect as many as we can over the holidays to earn extra PTO funds.  Each class will be competing to win the Golden Scissor Award and a pizza party in May.  

The following are tips to make the Box Tops experience more successful:

  1. Keep the entire Box Top coupon in tact. Do not cut or rip off expiration date. Cutting inside the dotted lines or cutting off wording on the coupon will invalidate it. Please try to cut along the dotted lines!
  2. Be sure the expiration date has not passed. Expired Box Tops are not accepted.
  3. "Official Coupon" is always written on valid Box Tops. If you don't see "Official Coupon" somewhere on the Box Top, then it is not an acceptable Box Top
  4. Please submit more than 10 at a time in a plastic bag WITH your TEACHERS NAME ON BAG.   This will help with counting.  
For more information and to find the complete list of products that have Box Tops for Education, please visit Thank you in advance for your support of Center Elementary School.  If you have any questions, please contact Julie Harty at  who will be collecting.

Helping Hands Information

Dear Center Families,

In the spirit of teaching our students about the importance of community service, we will begin our  4th yearlong effort to feed those in need of assistance. 

Center School Helping Hands is a school –wide effort that provides our students an opportunity to work as grade level teams to make a difference by making sandwiches to help feed the hungry. Helping Hands is a collective endeavor that depends on the generosity of our Peace Builders community; and we anticipate another successful year!

Here’s how it works:


Each grade level will be assigned a month to meet one morning in the cafeteria at 7:50 AM to make sandwiches with their grade level team.The students will go directly to their classrooms at 8:30.

Mark your calendars on the following Tuesdays:

                                                                               September 27th-5th grade

November 1st-4th grade

December 6th-3rd grade

January 10th-2nd grade

February 7th-1st grade

March 7th-K & 5th

April 4th- 4th & 2nd

May 2nd- 3rd & 1st

June 6th- all grades


Each family may voluntarily send in with your child sandwich meat, cheese, and bread to make sandwiches on their designated day. We suggest 1lb. meat; ½ lb. cheese; two loaves of bread, although any donated amount is appreciated. The number of sandwiches delivered each month will depend on donations.


Siblings are more than welcome to make sandwiches too. For example, our first date (September 27th) will be with 5th graders. If you have a 5th grader and a 2nd grader, feel free to send the 2nd grader to help.  The more helping hands the better!!


Center School parent Amy Nedwed ( coordinates this effort. She and I will be present with the students while they make the sandwiches; and Amy Nedwed and Amie Tracy will deliver the sandwiches to the Springfield Rescue Mission, Loaves and Fishes Kitchen in Springfield and the Easthampton Community Center. Kudos to Amy for spearheading the effort once again this year!!

NEW shirt order form-helping hands (1).docx 

helping hands summary-2015-16.docx 

Thank-you for your generous spirit of giving!  A reminder notice will be sent each month.


With appreciation,

Donna Hutton, Principal

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  • Writers' Workshop - Creating Non-Fiction Information Filled Picture Books
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