Week of 10/16/17

It was wonderful to meet with you all at conferences this week!  Thank you for your flexibility in changing the dates to accommodate my maternity time.

Mrs. Hinman will be joining our class for full days on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week as we transition.

Friday, October 20thFun-Filled Fall Foliage and Flannels Outdoor Reading Celebration
A letter will go home Monday explaining the details of this fun event!  Here are some highlights. This Friday, October 20th, all third graders will be going out to the Center School Green to enjoy book shares from their peers, reading time and the fall foliage!  What fun!  Students should wear a fall flannel or fall colors. They should bring a book from home that they are reading and be prepared to give a brief book share.  Students will also need a blanket or towel to sit on outside.  We are looking forward to this fun event!

Week of 10/23 - New Science/Social Studies Rotation - Students will begin to meet with Ms. Iancu for their new Social Studies unit of study.  Their unit will include the study of maps, globes and geographical features of our home state of Massachusetts.

Monday, October 23 - All School Panoramic picture.  Please have students wear red to show their cardinal spirit!

Fact Fluency (Addition and Subtraction) Information- Students should be studying their facts 5-10 minutes a night. Each Monday a new fact will be assigned.  Students will have quiz every Friday.  Students should continue to practice the previous week's facts as well as their new facts so they don't lose any of their learning from week to week. The letter outlining our full fact fluency program that was sent home can be found below on our website.

School Dismissal Manager - Message from the Center School Office

Please use the new system. This week is the last week for accepting emails and phone calls for

dismissal changes. If you need any help signing in or using the new system, please call the office.  

They are happy to help!

Nightly Reading - As we discussed at Back to School night, nightly reading is so important.  Thank you for helping us prioritize reading this year! 

1.  Reading List - As part of your child's nightly reading, they should be recording the books they are reading each night and commenting on them.  It will be exciting to see this list of reading grow throughout the year!  This list should be left in their red folder as I check on it regularly.  

2.  Verbal Discussion about Reading - New Nightly Assignment - A packet will go home Tuesday with a letter fully explaining this new nightly assignment. In the packet, you will find a Fiction Reading Response Choice Board, a Nonfiction Reading Response Choice Board, and a Reading Response Recording Sheet.  After your child’s daily home reading, they should choose a topic from the Fiction or Nonfiction Reading Response Choice Board. The expectation will be that students have a discussion (we will call this a verbal response) with a family member about one of the choice board topics nightly. Reading Response Recording sheets will be due each Monday and a new recording sheet will be sent home for that week. Below on our website, you will find the letter describing this new assignment, copies of the choice boards, as well as the Reading Response Recording Sheet.

Here is some interesting Reading research.
  • Research shows a  positive correlation between reading and a child’s overall school achievement and development as a life-long learner. Please remember that Reading conversations are so important.
  • The amount of free reading done outside of school has consistently been found to relate to growth in vocabulary, reading comprehension, verbal fluency, and general information.
  • Students who read independently become better readers, score higher on achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge than those who do not.
  • Being read to does not by itself automatically lead to literacy.  The real link seems to lie in the verbal interaction that occurs between adult and child during story reading. Read and talk to your child.

Helping Hands - This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to give back to the community and help those in need. For more information on this project, what to bring, dates for grade 3, or how to order a t-shirt, please see the note posted below from Mrs. Hutton.

Grade 3 Helping Hands Dates - December 5th- 3rd grade, May 1st- Grades 3 and 1, June 5th- all grades

IXL Accounts - IXL accounts have been launched.  I walked students through the login process. Students' usernames and passwords are glued into the front of their agendas if they want to access IXL at home.

Agendas/Red Take Home Folders - Thank you so much for going through your child's agenda and red folder with them each night.  Also, thank you for initially their agendas.  This helps me know that important information, nightly assignments and announcements are being communicated.

Please check out the important dates below and mark your calendars.


10/24 - 1:00 - Book Fair for Mrs. Longo's class

10/26 Half Day for Students - Parent Teacher Conferences (Mrs. Longo is not holding conferences).

10/27 Half Day for Students - Parent Teacher Conferences (Mrs. Longo is not holding conferences).

10/30 Picture Retake day

10/31 Halloween - Parade on the Green 2:00.

Mrs. Hutton's Message regarding: Halloween at Center School
Weather permitting, we will hold our annual Halloween Parade on Tuesday, October 31st at 2:00 pm.  The students and staff will parade around the town green. Our parade is open to be viewed by all family members, so please come join the fun!

A few guidelines:
  1. Please use discretion when helping your child choose age and school appropriate costumes.
  2. It is best if a simple version of the costume is worn, i.e., not a lot of make up or pieces that would be difficult for your child to put on independently.
  3. Costume props that are replicas of weapons (swords, knives, guns, etc.) are not permissible.
  4. Costumes must not be too scary. Scary masks and/or gruesome costumes are not permissible.  
  5. If a mask is worn, please make sure your child can walk independently and safely.
  6. You must check with your child's teacher before any treats are sent with your child to school. Individual teachers will provide additional details of activities for the day.

  Current Units of Study

  • Readers' Workshop - Unit 2 - Realistic Fiction and Fantasy: Character Studies
  • Writers' Workshop - Unit 2 - Crafting Personal Narratives
  • Math-  Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction. We will be working on topics related to place value, rounding/estimation, methods and strategies to add and subtract multi-digit numbers, solving word problems and problem solving.
  • Science - Motion and Matter - Topics to include: Different forces, how magnets attract and repel, how gravity always pulls toward Earth’s center and how the motion of objects can change.  
  • Peace Builders - Hopes and Dreams for the year, Vision of Peace for our class, general review of the 6 PeaceBuilder principles:To praise people, To give up put downs, To seek wise people, To notice and speak up about hurts I have caused, To right wrongs, To help others.

Parent Teacher Conference Schedule Oct 2017

Reading Assignment Explanation, Reading Choice Menus, Reading Response Recording Sheet

Check out a special Edition of CSS where Senator's visit to grade 3 is featured! We
had a blast learning about a senator's role, what it means to be a good citizen and laws!

Letter Regarding Maternity Leave

Helping Hands Letter

Addition/Subtraction Fact Fluency Letter 2017

A note from Mrs. Hutton regarding Homework Expectations:

September Homework Letter

Welcome Letter 2017

Homework Guiding Principles Information:

HW Guiding Principles.docx



BedTime Math - Are you looking for some interesting ways to get your children engaged in Math?  Download this free app.  It  posts a short little story and then some math problems at 3 different ability levels daily.  How fun!


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