Update:  Sept. 13, 2017

Social Studies - We are getting to know each other.  We are learning each other's names and what we like.  We are finding out how we are alike and who has similar interests.  We have been learning classroom routines and procedures.  Kids are becoming familiar with our classroom, discovering where to find things and reviewing how to use them.  We also discussed what peace is, what is looks like, sounds like and feels like.  Our whole school community came together for our first assembly which was centered around peace and peace building.

Readers' Workshop -  The kids are very excited about our classroom library where they get to go "book shopping" every week.  We are talking about books, including where we read, why we read and what we like to read (fiction, nonfiction, topics of interest).  We are learning how to choose Just Right Books that are not too hard and not too easy. 

Writers' Workshop - We are learning about how writer's make a plan before they write.  We have been practicing "saying" what we are going to write before we start writing.  We are working on stretching each word and writing all the sounds we know.  We have already created two class books:  Look Who's Here, and What Do You Like?  Children have written their hopes and dreams as First Graders. They are also writing clues for other's to guess who they are.  

Word Study - We are reviewing a few letters each day.  This includes associating a letter, picture and sound (i.e., b bat /b/).  We are using special whiteboards that help children practice letter writing (with a sky line, plane line, grass line and worm line).  We will start to learn new trick words each week. 

Math - We have been working with numbers.  Students have been reading numerals and number words in stories, songs and posters. They have been counting objects and combining groups (adding).  We are reviewing the correct formation of numbers 0-9 (with a number rhymes).   We are doing whole group lessons, partner work and independent work.  


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