• Hi, I'm Mary Anderson. I invented the windshield wiper in November 1903                           
  •  I was born in 1866 in Greene County, Alabama.
  •  I died in 1953 in Monteagle, Tennessee, at 87 years old. 
  •  I went to school in Auburn University in Alabama.
  •  I had a widowed mother and one sister.
  • I got the idea to make the windshield wiper when my trolley car driver had to stick his arm out of the car every 5 minutes to wipe snow off the window. I decided there had to be a better way. I created the windshield wiper when the first Ford Model A was produced, William Randal Cremer won the nobel peace price and, the classic book, Call of the Wild was published by famous author Jack London. 
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