Hi! I'm Marion Donovan. I will tell you about my life.
I was born October 15, 1917. I was a only child and I had no other brothers or sisters. ( Life was boring with no other brothers or sisters.) 
I invented the disposable diaper when I was in my early thirties. I think it changed society by letting babies not use those rubber baby pants. I hated those. Also it allows mothers not wash and dry their baby's diaper. (The babies used the same diapers over and over.)
I went to Yale University and Rosemont College. (I liked Yale a lot better. That is good advice for teens who are going into college.)
My mom was a inventor. She inspired me to invent something. 
I was married to James Donovan. I had one daughter Christine.
Around the time I made my invention was when World War 2 was going on and the lightbulb was just invented.
My mom had died soon after my invention so life was hard. I had to sign a ton of contracts and since Christine only saw her grandma once or twice life was hard.
James died soon after the dental loop. Sadly I also died four months later. On November fourth 1998 in New York city I died.
My grave is at Hollywood Cemetery in Massachusetts USA.
I am happy that people like my invention and use it everywhere.

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