Have you watched the Muppets when you were younger? If you haven't (or if you have) then stay on this webpage! Here you will learn fun facts, who the inventor of the Muppets was, all about his life, and how over time, the Muppets changed the world!
    Now that you know what this website will cover, lets get started! The inventor of the Muppets was me, Jim Henson. I was born on September 24, 1936 in Greenville, Mississippi to Paul Ransom Henson and Betty Henson. I had a brother named Paul Henson jr an died of illness on May 16, 1990. When  I was younger, I didn't really want to be a puppeteer, but when I went to college at the University of Maryland, College Park, I started studying how to be a puppeteer. 

    As all of this happened, America had started to join World War II, so the great depression was going on. In the midst of all this, little old me was going to college, getting my diploma, and starting to make America a tiny bit brighter!

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