Senator Lesser & Superintendent O'Shea will kick off our 
Hour Of Code
on Monday, December 4, 2017 

Computer Science will be taught in all classes ...

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Glenbrook is on Top of the World! 

June 2017 Newscast

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October 2016 Newscast

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February 2016 Newscast

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Click on Links Below to Answer Short Survey about your interest in Newspaper and/or Yearbook Clubs:


Check out our latest edition of the Glenbrook Times Student Newspaper

Thank You Leef - 2014!

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Green Screen iMovies created by Video Journalism Students

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6th Grade Cyberbullying Green Screen Movies: Trimester 1, Block 2 - 2014:

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6th Grade Cyberbullying Green Screen iMovies: Trimester 1, Block 6 - 2014:

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7th Grade Public Service Announcements - 2014

Below are some PSAs that 7th Graders created after researching noteworthy topics of interest:  

Suicide Awareness:

Google Docs Video

Intro the Computer Lab 2014-15 - by Video Journalism Class

Public Service Announcements

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