Dean Kamen!!!

Born: April 5 1951

Death: (Still alive)

Siblings: Jack Kamen (Father), Evelyn Kamen (Mother), Barton Kamen (Brother), Terri Kamen (Sister), Mitch Kamen (Brother),  

Grew up : Long Island, New York 

Education: He went to University of Arizona he also went to attened the Worecester Polytechnic and then dropped out the last minute.

My mom was a math teacher. My dad was a comic book illustrator. When he was 16, he redid the Hadyen Plantetarium. I invented a portable kidney dialysis. 

 Invented: I invented the Segway in 2001. This was the same year that the Twin Towers were attacked. I also put a gyroscope in my segway so it would not tip over at all. My nickname was People's Transporter.
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