CSS 2016-2017

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Episode 22: Field Day!

Episode 21: KP Play

Episode 20: 4th Grade Play

Episode 19: 2nd Grade Egg Drop

Episode 18: 1st and 3rd Grade Peacebuilders!

Episode 17: 3rd Grade Biography Presentations

Episode 16: 5th Grade Beautification Day

Episode 15: Mrs. Brydges's Kindergarten Play

Episode 14: Mrs. Hinkamper's Kindergarten Play!

Episode 13: Arbor Day

Episode 12: Poetry Cafe!

Episode 11: Judge McDonough

Episode 10: Meteorologist Dan Brown!

Episode 9: Math Olympiads!

Episode 8: Grade 3's Snow Day Celebration

Episode 7: Holiday Cards for Veterans

CSS: Episode 6 - Holiday Gift Baskets

Episode 5: 2nd Grade Thanksgiving Feast

Episode 4: 5th Grade Election Assembly

Episode 3: Helping Hands, Dr. O'Shea, K/5 Buddies!

Episode 2: International Day of Peace Rally!

Episode 1: All School Assembly