Welcome to Mrs. Schultz's Class

We are very busy in 4S! 

Here is a peek at our day...

We are Growing as Readers and Thinkers!

We are sharing the book Land of Stories, The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer, as a read-aloud. It's an enjoyable fantasy book with a myriad of rich vocabulary words and a plethora of suspenseful plot twists. It is the first book in a series that is written at an accessible level for the majority of readers in the classroom. Using the book, we are continuing our vocabulary word study and trying to expand our higher level, or "juicy", word knowledge development. 
Ask your child about some of the new words that we are learning:)

Our guided reading groups are 
 beginning historical fiction books that will coordinate with some 
nonfiction reading that we will be doing in the classroom. 
In addition, the children are reading about different regions of the United States, 
taking notes, and writing strong detailed paragraphs. They are using 
these to create picture books that will allow their classmates to travel 
throughout our diverse country without leaving the room!
We will also be making some parade floats for the different regions. 
I will send pictures home on the Classroom Dojo!!.

Thank you for supporting reading at home!!!
Your support is gold!

Science Update
In science, we are concluding our work on circuits 
and moving on to exploration with magnets
"We are attracted to many of the concepts that we are learning
with our hands-on, exploratory, and reflective investigations!" 

Math Update

We are beginning a fraction unit. We are thinking, 
expanding our understanding, and learning a lot and as we 
have fun with fractions! 

Please remember that...
every child needs to continue to independently work on fluency at home
as the class works on concepts and strategies at school.
Xtramath and IXL are two resource links that might come in handy.

 Here are some other math links to help strengthen math skills: