Welcome to Mrs. Schultz's Class


The most exciting thing about school is that every day we learn more, and some days we surprise ourselves, much like this butterfly emerging from a red apple!

We are off to a great start and here is a little bit about what we are doing...!

The class is enjoying Wonder by R.J.Palacio as a shared read aloud.  
There are many thoughtful questions being raised and heartfelt comments being made.

Individually, students are working to find "right fit" books that they enjoy and 
they are sharing them with their reading/writing buddies,
In writing we are mapping our hearts, finding out what we care about and 
what we want to write about in addition to asking ourselves, "What if....?" and writing those stories.

In math we are looking at the value of numbers while we express them in different ways, 
manipulate them and practice rounding them. 

In science we are researching and experimenting with soil and 
in social studies we are starting to delve into the five regions of the United States.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Back to School Night on September 28th.

Mrs. Schultz

Sneak preview: Here is a favorite activity of many former students in 4S...

The children research, write and perform using our 
Scholastic News Magazines.