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Colon Hydrotherapy or colonics significantly relieves constipation. Constipation is the number one reason why people visit their doctor. There is a simple non-medical, non-pharmaceutical solution known as colon hydrotherapy or colonic.

A colonic is a procedure in which purified water is repeatedly introduced and eliminated from the large intestine (colon) for thirty to forty minutes. The process is not painful. There is virtually no down time. Eighty year old clients can play golf or tennis shortly after a colonic.

Colon Hydrotherapy has been practiced for thousands of years by virtually every culture. It is one of the safest and most beneficial procedures available anywhere. You can view pictures in the history books of European Kings and Queens having colonics (with proper draping) while holding court. Experts often state that colonics are safe, gentle, and effective for constipation, gas, bloating, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and more.

Only disposable equipment and clean sheets should be used so that each client benefits from the most sterile equipment.

Colonics are the secret of movie stars and celebrities. Not only do colonics provide a wealth of health benefits, but colonics may promote weight loss and waist loss.

What is constipation? The word constipation is derived from the Latin word "constipates" which means to press or crowd together. Constipation literally means that the packed accumulation of feces in the bowel makes it difficult to evacuate.

Constipation according to some doctors may be defined as having less than three bowel movements per day, two bowel movements as minor constipation, one bowel movement as major constipation, and less than one bowel movement as significant constipation.

Many doctors and holistic health experts agree that constipation affects the health of the colon which, in turn, affects the health of the entire body.  Constipation lowers our immunity, predisposing us to many acute illnesses as well as many chronic and degenerative processes. 

Intestinal Constipation causes cellular constipation. It further stresses the workload of the excretory organs-the kidneys, skin, liver, lungs, and lymph. Constipation tends to deplete and overwork these organs. Cellular metabolism becomes sluggish, repair and growth are delayed, and the ability to eliminate waste materials is compromised. The cells lose their vibrancy and can become dead and inactive. This process causes a decline in tissue and organ functionality.

If one is experiencing less than two bowel movements per day, food wastes are trapped in the colon for more than twelve hours. As a result, fecal matter in the colon becomes putrefied and fermented. This is significant because nutritional elements present in the focal matter would pass into the bloodstream as pollutants. In other words, what would normally be nutritious becomes toxic. Toxemia is when the blood contains poisons which are created by the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. Pimples or acne can be an initial sign that toxemia is, in fact, present in the body.

The adhesive quality of the feces in the colon can be altered by constipation to create a coating on the inside of the lining or wall of the colon that resembles a layer of plaster in its consistency. Such a coating can interrupt the normal functioning of the colon, providing a breeding ground for toxicity to the detriment of our health and longevity.

Colon Hydrotherapy effectively removes stagnant fecal impaction from the walls of the colon, helping to prevent an accumulation of bacterial toxins in both the portal and lymphatic systems which generally helps reduce the workload of the liver.

Colon Hydrotherapy is effective in removing mucous, gas, parasites, candida, and cellular debris.  Colon Hydrotherapy facilitates and improves peristaltic action which in turn helps to improve absorption of nutrients into the body.

Colon Hydrotherapy can improve the functioning of the colon and thus help reduce the amount of bacterial metabolism entering the circulatory system.

While the colon only weights four to five pounds, many Americans are walking around with twenty or thirty pounds of waste in their colon. Imagine how much better one would feel after having a carefully planned series of colonics to help remove that waste.

In summary, Colon Hydrotherapy can help remove pent-up intestinal wastes which can cause and/or exacerbate intestinal and/or cellular constipation. Colon Hydrotherapy helps to speed up the transit time for digestion and therefore reduces the deleterious effects of encrustation, leading to a host of bacterial and parasitic problems due to incomplete and difficult elimination.

Colon Hydrotherapy not only relieves constipation, but, in so doing, often relieves symptoms of depression, allergies, exhaustion, fatigue and more. Clients often state they have more energy and an improved mood as a result of colon hydrotherapy. Proponents of colon hydrotherapy believe that routine colonics are a significant component of an ongoing, successful health regimen.

Colon Hydrotherapy relieves constipation by creating an internal atmosphere conducive to increased bowel movements, shorter transit times between digestion and excretion, and by reducing the amount of dangerous pathogens lurking within the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy should be used in concert with a sensible high-fiber diet, exercise, adequate sleep, meditation, and less stress as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

For many years, the science of colon detoxification has received numerous changes. Enemas were very popular and effective for centuries until the midst of 20th century. In fact, it was thought to be so effective that it was the only who received so much attention and usage among many people. Enemas were used in the hospitals, even until today, to relieve the problems of irregularity in bowel movement. Other unconventional way of using enema for treating depression, allergies, tension headaches and fever tend to be promising as well.

Up until recently, enemas are not as popular as they used to be. Year after year, people who choose to receive enema are slowly declining in numbers. Being effective is not a question because it is still considered as one of the most effective way to clean the colon. The procedure is not also considered as primitive or insensitive. The main reason for this shift is the advancement of technique and equipment used to clean the area which has steadily improved overtime. Because of the shame associated with the word 'enema', modern society has now called the procedure colon hydrotherapy or CHT.

Perhaps one of the biggest questions is why in the world people have abandoned one of the most effective ways to detoxify the colon? The answer is simple, this procedure is not only done in hospitals and clinics but at home as well. The preparation and the potentially messy jobs that anyone wants to avoid can be eliminated by perhaps using just taking a pill or suppository.

Another potential problem associated lies in the time and expenses required to perform the procedure. While it is true that the equipment used in the procedure is not that expensive at all, but the full time presence of a dedicated nurse for at least one hour will have to be charged to the patient. If you compare this to the time it needs to take a pill or suppository or perhaps take some laxative drink, the latter will always win.

Additionally, colon hydrotherapy has a difficulty fitting to any economic model for any hospital. We all know that health care is a big business and for clinics or hospitals to continue to operate, they need to make money. Big pharmaceutical companies will not waste their time and money in research to promote things that do not make money. Whether we like it or not, there is nothing in the field of colon hydrotherapy that will generate a hefty sum of money for them. On the other hand, new technical techniques and procedures coupled with expensive medications will surely boost the economics of health care.

Therefore, the biggest hindrance to colon hydrotherapy is the public acceptance. Most people see it as an archaic way of cleaning the colon. However, the reality is far from the truth. Modern CHT is extremely safe and effective in terms of detoxification and is no longer uncomfortable as they used to be.

A colon hydrotherapy cleanse refers to an internal bathing process which is aimed at helping your colon stay as clean as possible so that you can enjoy a good health. Such a process will use sterilized equipment and it will be performed properly and only by specialized staff. Through this process you will have the waste in your colon flushed out using water with a special composition of elements. Often coffee is used for its positive benefits in such an operation.

How does it work?

When it comes to your colon, you should know that it is about five feet when considering length. Waste coming from the small intestines will go into the colon in a fluid state, and after this, vitamins, minerals and water will be absorbed again and toxic waste materials will be eliminated through the rectum. If your colon is ill, you will most likely get constipation or other more dangerous illnesses like colitis, hemorrhoids or bowel cancer. A report that dates back in 1912 says that a lot of common diseases like breast cancer, and depression are associated with the health of your colon, so keeping this organ clean is something everyone should be considering very seriously.

Breaking Down Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment

When attending such a session, you will have a specially designed tube inserted into your rectum through which warm water with a special mix of ingredients will be flushed in. You will have a special gown that you will wear during the process, so you don't have to worry about being exposed. The process will be carefully monitored by the therapist executing it and all you'll have to do is wait and be patient while your colon is being cleansed.

Studies on Colonic Hydrotherapy

In 1983 a report by The Health Education Council regarding Nutrition Education was filed and stated that slow bowel movements are to be found in almost 85% of people. The United Kingdom was subject to analysis and it was concluded that as high as 40% of its population is regularly constipated. That's why if the colon doesn't have a healthy activity, other organs like your kidneys and lungs will also be affected.

Colon hydrotherapy cleanse is beneficial and that's why taking care of your colon is a priority you should always consider when you are feeling that something is just not working right. In most cases, people mistaken colon symptoms with other conditions and they do not know that the first thing they should check is their colon. Hopefully you now have the knowledge of this powerful system and all the good it can do for you and yourBarbara's Colonic Connection, LLC

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