July 1, 2018
Welcome to the official new PTA year!!!
We are happy to be your executive board. The executive board will be meeting in August to talk about budget items, PTA goals for the new year, open positions and more. We can always be reached at If you are new to the school, and have not heard from a PTA grade rep, please reach out! We want to welcome you to Longfellow! Find them here PTA CONTACT INFORMATION. Also refer to the same link to see your PTA exec board, PTA delegates and chairs for this coming school year. 

If you want to get involved, we are happy to have you! Reach out to us to see where you can plug in, a little or a lot! Look for the first PTA event, Back to School night on 9/17/18. We'll have our membership drive going in full force along with a food truck and bake sale. We look forward to seeing you there!