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Lone Star Gator Club® Scholarship Program
One of the Lone Star Gator Club's® missions is to support the academic goals of youths from the central Texas area attending the University of Florida.  We do this annually by funding partial 1-year scholarships that we award to UF students from central Texas. Fund-raising efforts in the past decade were so successful that the LSGC was able to obtain an endowed scholarship through the university, which we named in honor of a long-contributing LSGC member and officer, Brad Bradford, who passed away.  Along with our local fundraising efforts, we are able to use the investment profits from this endowment to help in our scholarship awarding mission.  

Interested in applying for a scholarship?  UF provides us with a list of the confirmed accepted students every March and we contact them with details about how to apply. 
Past Scholarship Winners:
Megan Tracy - Eric Gilbert - Ashley McIntyre - Jamie McIntyre
Abigail Smith - Kristin Dean - Andrea Sanchez - Lisa Gilbert
Tyler Walsh - Emily Smith - Benjamin Tucker - Chelsea Smith
Aly Tucker - Sophie Gaines - Alexandra Sabin - Taylor Kidd
Jessica Stenglein - Robert William House - Emily Allen
Heather Sundar - Jessica Stenglein - Marco Pressley

This Year's Scholarship Winners:

This year, the Lone Star Gator Club® is providing three $1500 scholarships to these deserving students!
New Student:  Anna Johnson (UF Freshmen from Vandegrift HS; National Honor Society; National Spanish Honor Society; AP Scholar with Honors; National Charity League President of Senior Class; Recipient: Presidential Service Volunteer Award; Recipient: Yellow Rose Volunteering Award; Member of Peer Assistance Leadership and Service (PALS); Key Club, Fellowship of Student Athletes Major: Biology  Pre-Med)

Returning Student:  
Vivian Nguyen (UF Junior from Westwood High School, Gator Football Ambassador; College of Journalism / Communications Ambassador;
Work at The Agency at UF as an Owned Media Specialist; National Society of Collegiate Scholars VP of Public Relations; Phi Mu Sorority External Public Relations Chairman; Published 10x in The Florida Alligator; UF Competitive Cheerleading Co-Captain; PBX Ambassador NFL Pro Bowl Volunteer; Major: Public Relations)

Returning Student:  Emma Claypool (UF Sophomore  from Vandegrift HS; Veterinary technician Gainesville Animal Hospital; Volunteer Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary; Member UF Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club; Mentor at Gainesville's Girl's Place; Member  Leader Learner Thinker Gators; Notetaker for the Disability Resource Center; Member and assistant sisterhood chair of the Chi Omega Sorority; Major: Animal Sciences)

Spring updates:

Update from Emma Claypool:
Dear Lone Star Gators,

I am so excited to announce I have just launched my own company called Greek Genies! We are a group of artists that provide painting services to the Florida Greek community. Our services include painting coolers, bubba water bottles, paddles, and canvases for date functions and other greek events. You can check out our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/greekgenies/.  Anna Johnson, a lone star gator scholar, is also a member of our team of artists. We are currently still recruiting artists and building our webpage. 

Aside from that, I believe in my last update I was applying for the position of Sisterhood Director and I am excited to announce that I was elected and I currently serve as the Sisterhood chair. Through this position, I have been able to plan events for my chapter and utilize a large budget of nearly $20,000. I am currently in the works of planning our sisterhood retreat for April! In addition to school, I am currently applying for internships in Austin for work in the non-profit sector. If you know of any opportunities please send them my way! 


Update from Vivian Nguyen:
Hello Lone Star Gator Club, 

I am about halfway through my junior spring semester, which is my second to last semester until I graduate in December. It’s crazy how fast time flies in college! 

This semester I have been busy with classes, work at The Agency and my internship with Gators Social. I like how my classes have been very in depth in fields I am passionate about. In my public relations strategy class, I recently did research and gave a case study presentation on the background of Nike and the public relations implications and effects of the Colin Kaepernick “Just Do It” campaign.  At The Agency, I am continuing in my role as Owned Media Specialist.  But I have learned a lot and gained new experience with the agency initiating “The Pivot”, the rebrand of The Agency shifting from focusing on millennials to focusing on young minds aged 18 to 24. I also helped spearhead the recruitment social media strategy and am working on revamping The Blog. At my social media internship with the athletics program, I have shifted to covering men’s basketball and gymnastics, and I am looking forward to expanding my experiences in baseball, softball and other Spring sports soon. 

I am currently actively seeking a summer internship and even potential jobs for after graduation. I am thankful for the continual growth and learning at UF, and I am looking forward to the rest of my time here!


Fall updates:

Update from Anna Johnson: 
Dear Texas Gators,

The University of Florida is my new second home and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I can’t believe first semester is coming to a close, this semester has been so busy time has flown by. I began my semester feeling excited but anxious, but I soon realized I felt the same as everyone around around me. College puts everyone outside of their comfort zone and I quickly learned to enjoy challenging myself to try new things, meet new people, and get involved. 

I met my roommate Kelsey and together we went through the rush process. At the end of recruitment we both pledged Chi Omega. Chi Omega has allowed me the opportunity to meet some of my closest friends here at the University. I have met so man motivated, generous, and caring girls, I enjoy every moment I get to spend with them. My roommate Kelsey and I applied to live in the Chi Omega house together next year and we both got a spot. I am excited to get to spend more time in the house and branch out by getting to know more people in my sorority. 

I am also involved in a club called Leader Learner Thinker Gators. The club pairs UF students with mentees. Each month I go with a group to the non-profit Girls Place where we engage in team building activities and games. My mentee is an spirited elementary school girl who always makes the visits something to look forward to. This coming semester I will be managing the clubs social media and recruitment as the Public Relations chair.  

My favorite class that I am taking this semester is Social Psychology. Social Psychology deals social interactions, personality, behavior, attitudes and motivation. The class is intriguing to me because of how easily applicable the information is to situations in daily life. I would definitely recommend the class! 

While home for Thanksgiving break I couldn’t stop telling my friends and family about how much I love UF. I can’t see myself anywhere else. I have loved getting involved in Chi Omega and LLTGators, making so many new life long friends, watching gator football games, and learning the traditions of UF. I am so thankful for all I have learned so far and I am looking forward to what's ahead. I am very excited for the upcoming winter break and the spring semester. Go Gators!

Anna Johnson

Update from Emma Claypool:
Dear Lone Star Gators,

This semester has flown by! I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving break. My sophomore year has been very busy with my academics, sorority affairs, and extra-curricular activities. I started as a veterinary technician at Gainesville Animal Hospital and I got the opportunity to administer vaccines, draw blood, and run labs for our patients. 

While this was a very cool experience, I decided I needed to leave my job in October because I was working nearly 27 hours a week on top of a full class schedule. With that being said, I am now banner chair of my sorority and I design and paint banners for our events. I am also sisterhood assistant and I just submitted my application to become sisterhood director! This position is close to my heart as I am very passionate about creating events to bond active and non-active members of our chapter. 

I am also dancing with Chi Omega in philanthropic competitions! We perform on December 4th in Pike Halftime. Furthermore, I have been a member of LLTGators (Leader, Learner, Thinker Gators) for two semesters and it has quickly become something I am very passionate about. 

Through LLTGators, I have the opportunity to make a difference in a child's life through mentoring. This semester I had the opportunity to run for an executive position for the club and I am now the activities coordinator! I am thankful to attend a school that provides endless opportunities to become involved. 

I hope everyone has a great turkey day and as always, Go Gators!

Update from Vivian Nguyen:
Hello Lone Star Gator Club, 

I am so happy to be coming home for Thanksgiving, but I am also super grateful for all the amazing opportunities and experiences that came from this past semester. 

As a Social Media Intern with the University Athletic Association, I have been touching a lot of cool things. Every home game in the Swamp, I take over the @FloridaGators Instagram Stories and produce creative content for the 211K followers to hopefully engage with and enjoy viewing. As of the recent games, I have been transitioning more into a Social Media Correspondent role, being on camera and interviewing fans. I even got to conduct a short interview with President Fuchs on his birthday! I also worked my first basketball game as a Social Media Intern last week, and I am looking forward to covering the spring sports next semester. 

Academics-wise, I just registered for my spring classes, and I am super excited for them because I am very deep in my major, public relations, and thus taking some super hands-on and insightful courses. I also decided I wanted to pursue an International Communications Certificate offered through the College of Journalism and Communications in order to apply global perspective to my field, so I will be adding those classes in while still being on track to graduate next December!

There aren’t many new updates since the last update in October, but I did get the Anderson Scholar Award as well as an invite to the Phi Mu Scholarship Banquet for my sorority because of my Spring 2018 4.0 GPA! I am currently in the process of applying for Summer 2019 internships in communications, social media and digital marketing throughout the country - so stay tuned! I am thankful for all the support I’ve received to pursue all the incredible opportunities I’ve gotten at the University of Florida, and I am continuing to soak it all up in this last year!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!