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Lone Star Gator Club® Scholarship Program
One of the Lone Star Gator Club's® missions is to support the academic goals of youths from the central Texas area attending the University of Florida.  We do this annually by funding partial 1-year scholarships that we award to UF students from central Texas. Fund-raising efforts in the past decade were so successful that the LSGC was able to obtain an endowed scholarship through the university, which we named in honor of a long-contributing LSGC member and officer, Brad Bradford, who passed away.  Along with our local fundraising efforts, we are able to use the investment profits from this endowment to help in our scholarship awarding mission.  

Interested in applying for a scholarship?  UF provides us with a list of the confirmed accepted students every May and we contact them with details about how to apply. 

Annual "Pledge Per Point" Scholarship Fundraiser
In 2016, the Lone Star Gator Club® raised just over $3000 in our annual Pledge Per Point fundraiser!  These funds are used to help students attend the University of Florida by sponsoring them with a partial LSGC scholarship.  During this fundraiser, Gators pledged "pennies" for every point the Gators score during their regular fall football season. All the money we raise goes into our scholarship efforts and is tax deductible.
Past Scholarship Winners:
Megan Tracy - Eric Gilbert - Ashley McIntyre - Jamie McIntyre - Abigail Smith
Kristin Dean - Andrea Sanchez - Lisa Gilbert - Tyler Walsh - Emily Smith
Benjamin Tucker - Chelsea Smith - Aly Tucker - Sophie Gaines - Alexandra Sabin
Taylor Kidd - Jessica Stenglein - Robert William House - Emily Allen
Heather Sundar - Jessica Stenglein

This Year's Scholarship Winners:

This year, the Lone Star Gator Club® is providing four $1000 scholarships to these deserving students!
New Student:  Emma Claypool (UF Freshmen from Vandegrift HS; Second to None Award; Thespian Society VP; Drama Club VP and Historian, PALS, National Qualifier in Duet Acting; Cypress Creek Pet Hospital volunteer; National Honor Society, National AP Scholar; Key Club; Lego Club Secretary; Major: Business Administration)
New Student:  Marco Pressley (UF Freshmen from Dripping Springs HS; National Honor Society; Principal's Volunteer Service Award; Academic All-District in Baseball; National Society of Collegiate Scholars Member; Major: Political Science)

Returning Student:  
Vivian Nguyen (UF Sophmore from Westwood High School, Social Media Manager at Phi Mu Sorority, UF Competitive Cheer, Association for Women in Sports Media, Public Relations Student Society of America, Gator Football Ambassador, VP of  PR of National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Radio Reading Service, WRUF Marketing/Promoations; Major: Public Relations)


November updates from this year's winners

Update from Emma Claypool:
Dear Texas Gators,

Moving out of state has been very hard. I have not had the opportunity to come back to Austin since my arrival at UF. Instead of flying home, I will be staying with my grandparents in Ft.Lauderdale for Thanksgiving. Despite being homesick, I am excited to return to Gainesville to attend the FSU game on Saturday! It is the biggest game of the year and I'm pumped to be able to experience it as a Florida Gator! 

Regarding school, I have decided I would rather pursue a Business Administration degree with a concentration in a science rather than Agricultural Operations Management. I think a general major will be better for me so I can be more flexible with my career path. I have already registered for classes for next semester and I am looking forward to my new schedule. 

I am currently raising money to be a dancer in UF's Dance Marathon! If I raise enough money I will be selected to represent Chi Omega at the event in the spring. I have also been selected to live in the Chi Omega house next year! I will be rooming with Jane, one of my best friends. 

I am excited to come back to Austin in December, but I know I will miss all the life-long friends I have made in Florida. 

As always, go gators!

Update from Marco Pressley:
Dear Lone Star Gator Club,

As I approach the end of my first semester, I could not be more happy about my decision to attend this great institution! My classes are challenging yet stimulating. As of now I have all A's and will do my best to continue to strive for success. 
Even though our football team hasn't had the success on the field that we would've hoped, my experience at The Swamp has been second to none. Speaking of sports, basketball season has started and I couldn't be more thrilled. We are ranked #7 in the country and are projected to make a very deep run in March Madness this year. I have been to every game so far and absolutely love it.

I am going to Russia this summer with UF's Study Abroad program. I am so relieved to attend a college with so many great programs like Study Abroad!

I hope to continue to get good grades and have a great time here in Gainesville. Texas will always be my home but the University of Florida is a fantastic place to live, learn, and play.

Very Respectfully,
Marco Pressley

Update from Vivian Nguyen:
Dear Lone Star Gator Club,

I am now a little less than a week out from Thanksgiving break, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be home for the first time since early August. However, thanks to Florida giving me such incredible experiences, these past few months have breezed by. 

Since October, nothing major has changed, yet I feel like even in that short of a span of time, I have gained so much knowledge and experience. The most interesting class I am in right now is called Multimedia Writing. I now know how to write not only news stories as journalists do, but also press releases, which is really helpful for my career goal of being a public relations practitioner. I also now have the skills to find sources, interview them, and incorporate them into my work, which is really exciting. I just registered for my spring classes, and I will be taking the infamous Reporting class, where we just go out into the world and write journalistic stories every week.

In my extracurricular world, I was just elected Co-Captain of UF Competitive Cheer Orange Team. We have been doing a lot of fundraising, and hope to get new uniforms for our competition season in the spring. As VP of PR for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, I have been helping hold general body meetings and our Induction Ceremony, as well as putting on PR events like tabling and flyering, to increase exposure of our organization. Working in The Agency has continued to be super rewarding; most of my responsibility has been continuing to create content for the November social media calendar for one of my clients. Being a Gator Football Ambassador has been crazy, especially with all the changes that came after Coach Mac and Florida Football parted ways. However, the show goes on and with the regular season wrapping up, we are gearing up for official visit weekends, and I haven’t worked one yet so I am excited for this different experience!

Looking towards the future, I am stoked to share the amazing news that I am studying abroad in Italy with the College of Journalism and Communications for 4 weeks in May 2018. I am currently working to secure an internship in hopefully the sports industry, or anything PR and media related, this summer following my return from Europe. I am also very on track with my courses, and am meeting with my adviser in December to see if I can graduate a semester early!

I am feeling confident in the direction my academics and career-building are going, and I am so thankful for this scholarship for contributing to my ability to continue my incredible experience at the University of Florida!

I wish you all a happy holidays!

With Love,
Vivian Nguyen

October updates from this year's winners

Update from Emma Claypool:
Dear Texas Gators,

I’ve only been at UF for a little over a month and I truly feel as though I have made Florida my home away from home. In August I went through sorority recruitment and I am now currently a pledge for Chi Omega. Through Chi Omega, I was able to meet girls who motivate me to become the best version of myself. The girls have helped me become involved on campus and make UF seem less large and intimidating. I am currently super involved with Chi O and hopefully next year I will be able to live in the sorority house and possibly serve on the executive board. 

This year I am also involved with an organization called LLTGators (Leader, Learner, Thinker Gators). Through LLTGators, I have the opportunity to mentor a girl at a local non-profit daycare in Gainesville called Girl’s Place. My mentee’s name is Alyssa and she is in the second grade. She is very bright and fun, and she says that she wants to be a pop star when she grows up. My senior year in high school I mentored 3 girls in our district so I’m so blessed to have found LLTGators because I can continue to serve my community and make a difference in a child’s life here at UF. 

Coming to UF, I applied as a Biology major. When I came to preview, I changed to an Animal Science major to pursue the pre-veterinary track. I am currently enrolled in an animal science class called “The Meat We Eat” and a plant science elective titled “Plants that Feed the World” along with Chemistry 1 and Statistics. I found that I was way more interested in my plant science class than my animal science class and found that I have a hidden passion for agriculture and feeding the world. I went to the Career Showcase at UF where hundreds of companies came to recruit students for jobs and internships and I found myself talking with Land O’Lakes about careers with agriculture. I learned about an internship with Land O’Lakes called the 2050 food challenge in which you spend 2 months working with headquarters and the farms with the common goal of more sustainable agriculture. To top it off, you spend the last two weeks of your internship in Africa evaluating village resources and helping them understand how to utilize their sources for efficient crop production to help feed the village. After exploring different majors and speaking with multiple advisors, I have changed my major to Agricultural Operations Management with an interest in minoring in sustainability. I will be applying for the Land O’Lakes internship next year when I qualify.
Thank you, Lone Star Gator Club, for supporting me in the pursuit of my dreams and my time here at UF. As always, it’s great to be a Florida Gator!

Until next time,
Emma Claypool

Update from Marco Pressley:
Dear Texas Gators,

As I approach the half-way point of my first semester, I could not be more happy about my decision to attend this great institution! So far I have all A’s in my classes and hope to continue that trend.

Although I initially decided to join NROTC, I decided to drop out for I realized a career in the military was not for me. However when one door closes, another opens. Since I dropped from NROTC, this opened up my summers and now I plan to study abroad in Moscow!

As for the football games, they are absolutely amazing. In the two games that I’ve been to, I’ve witnessed a Hail Mary win, and an incredible fourth quarter comeback.

I hope to continue to get good grades and have a great time here in Gainesville. Texas will always be my home but the University of Florida is a fantastic place to live, learn, and play.

Very Respectfully,
Marco Pressley

Update from Vivian Nguyen:
Hi Lone Star Gator Club!!

It is the day after a tough homecoming loss to LSU, but I am excited to tell you all about how great this first semester of my second year at UF has been!

It is my first season of being a Gator Football Ambassador, and I am having so much fun working for the football program. Weekly I have office hours in the football offices, helping coaches and other staff with whatever needs to be done and learning reception skills while doing so. I also work practices, where I help monitor guests entering and leaving practice, and ensure they’re registered and have a name tag. The biggest thing we do is for sure game days. I usually report to the Gator Room (connected to the trophy room) about 4 hours before kickoff and help set up. Then, GFA’s are paired with recruits that have unofficial visits on game days and we basically just host them throughout the game. We get special seats in the South End Zone basically down on the field and it is so much fun! I love the unique experience I get with Gator Football through this program, and I am excited for the different activities we will be helping out with in the spring, including official visit weekends, Pro Day, and Junior Days.

This semester, I also received the incredible opportunity to work in The Agency, a strategic communications firm based at UF staffed by students and led by professionals. This is by far the most rewarding experience I have had for my career field (public relations) because I get to work with real clients. As a Media Coordinator in the Connector Pillar, I develop social media content, research resources for social campaigns, and work with various softwares that the accounts each use. I am currently on the team for UF Facilities Services and Xcaret (Mexican theme park). I’ve already learned so many things I know will be applicable in the real world and I can’t wait to continue growing in this incredible place.

Lastly, I was selected as an ambassador for the College of Journalism & Communications. I am just now getting started, but I will be giving tours, tutoring, working career days, and various other things for the college that I spend so much time in and absolutely love, so I am excited!

I have much on my plate, but I love everything I do and the place I do it at, and I am so thankful for everything and everyone that has helped me lived my dream!

Until next time,
Vivian Nguyen