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Your Teacher: Suzanne Johnson

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In this class we will examine several levels of government. We learn about their structure, functions and how they interact with each other, private citizens and organizations. The focus is building a positive civic identity and the roles and responsibilities we have to interact with our community,  institutions and make our individual lives and the lives of others better.

This course is designed to give the student some practical knowledge of the principles of civil and criminal law. The text used is Street Law and emphasis will be placed on an understanding of the US Supreme Court and cases as they apply to students. Some of the major topics will include the US Supreme Court, legal problems of today, rights and obligations of adults and juveniles, the juvenile justice system, social laws, students’ rights, and law related careers. Activities may include reading, current applications of laws, research, and guest speakers from many aspects of the field of Law and possible field trips. NCAA Approved.


This course uses the elements of video production to foster the ability to clearly and concisely communicate ideas and information in various video formats.  Along with these skills, emphasis is placed on planning for success, cooperative working skills, accountability and quality craftsmanship.  Using single camera techniques and field production, basic concepts of good composition, camera moves, camera shots and digital editing are taught.  Students will learn to use the art of telling a good story, interview techniques and video formatting to create visual and audio messages. The course focuses on learn-by-doing methods.  Learners are exposed to information and then asked to demonstrate knowledge and skills by planning and completing video projects.  In addition to demonstrating skills, learners are also expected to understand and use the correct vocabulary related to our work. 

This course is designed to provide the opportunity to share educational experiences with learners from diverse backgrounds with special needs.  This course is an excellent choice for individuals who would like to experience making quality videos or enjoy using digital technology and are considering a career in education or working with learners who have unique needs.