Welcome to 5th grade!

I am excited to be back in the school building and classroom! Last year I was fully remote with my 5th grade class so if you were too I know what you might be feeling! I want to make this years transition smooth and as easy as I can for all! I know every families situation is different so I would like to help support everyone the best I can to make this year a positive one! I know we are still going into a year of uncertainty, but we will get through it together as a classroom family! My number one priority is to make your child excited to come to school each day so please let me know if school becomes a struggle at home!


(603) 432-6956 X 5132

Our Specials:

Monday- P.E.

Tuesday- Guidance Week A

None Week B

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Math Enrichment Week A

Library Week B

Friday- Art

5th grade Supplies:

We will be back to community supplies as of now for our classroom so there is not much each student will need individually. If you are willing to donate to our community supplies we would love the following:


-Thin Black Expo Markers

-Baby Wipes and Paper Towels

-Boxes of Tissues

Each student will ONLY NEED individually:

-a pair of earbuds or headphones with their name on them or on a bag they are in!