Why We Did This

In May of 2014 a group of people concerned about the status of our community's water tender decided to do something about it. They formed the LPVFR Water Tender Coalition, and started making plans. On June 1, at the annual VFD BBQ, an effort to raise money from the community to purchase a new water tender was formally kicked off.

Water Tender 3651 went into service in 1992. It turns out that a fire engine is old when it gets to be 10, and while its useful life can be extended to 15 years, go much beyond that and you're asking for trouble. Fire engines have a hard life. At 22 years old WT 3651 is positively ancient, and it shows. It spends a lot of time in the shop (over 100 days in the first 4 months of 2014 alone) and experiences both mechanical problems and simple leaks. And repairs cost money.

We all count on this equipment, whether we know it or not, and it can make a huge difference in a fire fighting effort.

On February 10, 2015, the coalition announced they had achieved their fundraising goal. Thanks to over 400 donors - large and small; community members and businesses - the money needed was raised.  Thank you to the amazing Loma Prieta community for your support!

About Us

The following people donated their time and effort to help make this campaign a success:
  • Alex Leman - Lifelong mountain resident, chief of Loma Prieta Volunteer & Rescue.
  • Anne Evans - 35 year mountain resident and producer of “Dispatched: To Make a Difference”, a video to support fundraising for the water tender campaign. "The more interviews I shot for the video, the more I realized how essential a water tender is to firefighting. Also how important it is to support the volunteers and their emergency response.”
  • Ellen Griffin - 34 year mountain resident, Co-owner of Tax Reducers, treasurer of the Loma Prieta Club, extensive work as a board member with several non-profits.
  • Jeff Powell - 22 year mountain resident, former volunteer firefighter. "Been there. Seen what a water tender can do. We absolutely have to have this."
  • Jenny Yamate - 20 year mountain resident. Owner of Summit Whole Body Fitness for 15 years.  Member of the Loma Prieta Club fundraising for all the schools, churches, and the volunteer fire department. Co-producer of Rockin' in the Mountains events. 
  • Ken Izzo - Mountain resident since 1991, Silicon Valley business and technology manager and LPVFR firefighter. "I support this fundraising effort as a community member and as a representative of LPVFR.  It takes water to fight fires and every minute counts.  We live in a rural community and it is essential to have a reliable and local means of transporting water to sustain the firefighting efforts protecting our homes and our families."
  • Lani Christianson - Mountain resident for 35 years.  Co-producer of Rockin' in the Mountains. "I had to evacuate for a week during the Lexington Fire. That taught all of us the importance of jumping on a fire with all we have as soon as possible."
  • Larry Lopp - I love living in the Santa Cruz mountains. Over the last 40 years our family has learned to cherish the rugged individualism and warmth of our neighborhoods and our larger Mountain Community. I have found that some of our want/needs are best obtained through cooperation of citizens with shared interests.
  • Sanjay Khandelwal - Mountain resident since 1992, work in Silicon Valley and engaged in the community. "There are a few things that the mountain community care deeply about, and fire is one of them. Our firefighters have to bring water with them to fight fires where we live; they can't do this without a watertender. No agua during a fire is no bueno!"
  • Terry Leary - Long time mountain resident and realtor with Alain Pinel Realtors.
The following organizations and businesses supported our efforts with donations of time, money, or both:
  • Aver Neuwald Berryessa Insurance - An independent insurance agency with the customer in mind.
  • A&M Motor Supply - A family owned and operated auto parts business in Los Gatos, California, serving the San Francisco South Bay Area for over 50 years.
  • Blevins Apiary - Pure honey. Star thistle blend from the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Deaton, Michaels, Richards, & Hall - A  full-service accounting firm serving clients throughout the Los Gatos, California area.
  • E16 Winery - Exceptional wines from the best vineyards in California's premier appellations, produced using artisinal wine making methods.
  • Gone To Pieces - Mosaic artwork by local artist Kathy Schuyler.
  • Gray Designs - Eco-friendly, award winning glass, photography, and fine art by Patricia M. Gray.
  • HighScalability.com - A website that brings together the lore, art, science, practice, and experience of building scalable websites into one place to help you build yours with confidence.
  • Imago Interiors - Personalizing home and work spaces in the Bay Area since 1975.
  • Kapiolani Design - Creating artistic and expressive designs that empower and delight customers worldwide.
  • Loma Prieta Club - A social and charitable organization of Santa Cruz Mountain women founded in 1905. The club raises money for local causes including the volunteer fire fighters, scholarships for graduating mountain high school students, local schools & churches, and more.
  • Loma Prieta Community Foundation - LPCF is a non-profit foundation serving the Loma Prieta community in the Santa Cruz Mountains of northern California, with a long history of working for the benefit of the community.
  • Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire & Rescue - Our local, volunteer fire department, working with Cal Fire and Santa Cruz County Fire to help keep us all safe.
  • Loma Prieta Winery - The largest producer of Pinotage in North America.
  • Los Gatos Lions Club - Men and women dedicated to service to the community. The Los Gatos Lions raise money for Lions Club charities and those in need.
  • Mountain Network News - Celebrating life in the Santa Cruz Mountains for over 25 years. Events. Community. People. Schools. Reaching more than 4,000 homes and businesses in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Pacific Mountain Horticulture - Specializing in sustainable California landscaping, including drought, deer, frost, and fire resistant plants and groundcovers.
  • Peregrine Rocks & Trading Post - Owned by Karen & Dean Welder, Peregrine Rocks & Trading Post sells Rocks, Minerals, Fossils, Native American hand crafts, antique & contemporary jewelry, basketry, weavings & pottery at local events and from a space in Soquel Village Antiques.
  • Santa Cruz Mountain Alliance - The Santa Cruz Mountain Alliance is a public benefit corporation whose volunteers help pull together and connect the interest groups and organizations in our Santa Cruz Mountain Community.
  • Silver Mountain Vineyards - Celebrating 30 Years Making Fine Wine in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Simply Remarkable - Simple Products for Your Remarkable World.
  • Skyland Bay Company - Fine handmade soaps & gifts to pamper your spirit.
  • Skyland Community Church - A Caring Community of Open and Friendly People.
  • Summit Store - A Little Above Los Gatos.
  • Summit Vet - A full service veterinary hospital and boarding facility located on Summit Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
  • Summit Whole Body Fitness - Summit Whole Body Fitness is a full fitness gym located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We pride ourselves in helping our members become more fit not only in their bodies but also the mind and spirit.
  • The Mountainhood - Creating opportunities for Santa Cruz Mountain residents to come together and celebrate life in this wonderful community, including "Rockin' in the Mountain" and a barbecue in July.
  • The 15-Minute Miracle - Transforming "Setbacks" into "Comebacks".
  • Theater In The Mountains - Providing theatrical opportunities in the Santa Cruz Mountains for children and adults throughout the year.
  • Villa Del Monte Winery - A Santa Cruz Mountain winery producing small lots of award winning wines.
  • Western Management Group - The leader in compensation surveys.