Skype Login - Create Account in Skype

We all know Skype application is one of the prominent applications that are used globally. This application is considered for video calling across the globe. Be it with friends or family or with your colleagues, this application makes it possible to connect and do video chat or conferencing, wherever you are. The Skype for business login is officially help by chat and audio/video conferencing tool. In this article, you will get to learn the essential steps for skype online login process. Remember, if you do not have the Skype for Business client, then you can download it via the official skype login online page. Let us start this topic and discuss the essentials you need to understand to access the Skype account. "COVID-19" 

What are the steps for the skype web login process?

Here are the steps for Skype online login, you need to follow the steps given below:

1.        Find the Skype for Business, and tap on the “Windows Start button”.

2.        Type “Skype for Business” in the field provided.

3.        Your app will now be seen in the search results.

4.        Just enter the “Sign-In address” and this will be the official BSU or NTC email address.

5.        After entering the credentials you need to tap on the “Sign In” option.

6.        On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter the password.

7.        Tap on the “Sign in with another account link” option.

8.        From the Pick an account screen, please select the option that lists the credentials.

9.        Use another account and complete the sign-in with the credentials.

10.    For the students and employees enter the details and tap on the “Next” option.

11.    Enter the id password, and click on the “Sign In”.

12.    You are now signed in to the desktop client.

13.    If you already have a Skype or MS Office account, open the “Skype” application.

14.    Enter the “Skype name, email or phone” and select the “Sign In” option.

15.    Enter the password and click the arrow to continue.

16.    Congratulations! You are now signed in to Skype online.


Skype for windows 10

If you wish to use skype web on windows 10, then you need to follow the steps that are given below:

1.        First of all, go to the “Download Skype” page to get the latest version of the application.

2.        Select the device and start the download process.

3.        You can now launch the “Skype” application once it is installed.

4.        Remember, one of the fastest ways to open the “Skype” in Windows 10 is to search it.

5.        Type the “Skype in the search field on your taskbar.

6.        After this, select skype to sign in from the results list and tap on the “Open” option.


How to get a skype phone number?

1.        To purchase an online phone number, you need to visit the Skype Number page.

2.        Select the Country in which you wish to purchase the “Skype Number.

3.        We will take you through the process to purchase the Skype number. 

Skype for mac

To skype sign in and use the skype account on Mac, you need to follow the steps given below:

1.        Visit the skype login page.

2.        Go to the “Download” tab and tap on the “Skype or Products” option.

3.        After this, click on the “Skype for Business for the business” option.

4.        Tap on the “Get Skype for Mac” option.

5.        After this, double-tap on the “skype login download for Mac.dmg file”.

6.        Proceed via installation steps.

7.        Congratulations! You can now access the skype login account on Mac. "COVID-19"

Skype for Business is BSU’s and NTC’s officially chat and audio/video conferencing tool.

Here’s how to find and get logged in to the Skype for Business client. If you don’t have the Skype login account for Business client, you can download it from the Office 365 install software page. "COVID-19"