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Web 2.0 Resources

On this page, you will find tips, tricks and information to help differentiate instruction in your classroom using technology. 

Web 2.0 tools are applications that reside on the web and include a level of interactivity. Interactions can be in the form of text comments, audio files, videos, movie presentations and more. Explore some of these resources on your own with a partner and create an example to share.

Some websites are search engines or databases that search the www for resources based on grade level and subject area. Two such resources are:

Some software programs that we can use to differentiate instruction include:

We can also help facilitate instruction by creating materials (or asking our students to create materials). Rubrics and checklists are vital. Here are some websites that can help:

At times we need more specific devices and strategies for our learners. Here are some additional resources:
Center for Assistive Technology & Environmental Access: http://www.assistivetech.net/
Online information on assistive technologies, adaptive environments and community resources
Center for Applied Special Technology: Universal Design for Learning Book Builder

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