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Using your netbook is both a privilege and a responsibility. Your netbook is a valuable tool that will help you find success in every subject you'll study. When you learn to drive, you'll find that there are a lot of "rules of the road" that you must obey to keep yourself and others safe. Here are some basic "rules of the road" that you'll have to follow to make sure you are allowed to keep your netbook.
  • Your netbook is to be used in your classroom and designated common spaces, and only as directed by your teachers.
  • Your netbook is a sensitive piece of electronic equipment--please be gentle with it! A broken netbook can't help you learn.
  • Your netbook can be used at school and at home but is property of the Hoboken Board of Education.
  • Your netbook is to be used in accordance to the rules set forth by your school and the Hoboken Board of Education.