Freemasonry in NSW


A very good overview of the history of Freemasonry in Australia is found on the following page Freemasonry in Australia


A brief summary and time line:

1801 Oldest surviving Masonic grave in Australia being that of American Captain John Haynes of the American ship, the General  Boyd

1802 First reports of Masonic meetings held aboard ships in Sydney Harbour

1803 First initiation (and oldest surviving Masonic document) in Australia, being that of Captain Anthony Fenn Kemp.

1814 British 46th Foot Regiment with its "travelling lodge warrant" arrive from active duty in America.

1820 First civilian lodge formed in Sydney, under warrant from the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

1840's Early moves to form local, autonomous Grand Lodges.

1878 Formation of Farnell Lodge No. 15 (which later became Lodge Ionic- Lodge University of Sydney's "Mother" in 1882)

1888 Formation of United Grand Lodge of NSW

1924 Formation of Lodge University of Sydney