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 The following are texts and images widely available in the public domain and may be of interest to Masonic scholars and researchers. 


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Anderson, J. Constitutions 1723 (1734USA).pdf


Anderson, J. Constitutions 1734.pdf 


Antiquity Manuscript (preamble). 1686.jpg 


Mathew Cooke MS. 1450 (pub1861).pdf 


Carlyle, R. Manual of Freemasonry. 1845. pdf

Castells, F.De.P. The Apocalypse of Freemasonry 1924.pdf


Cumont, F.C. The Mysteries of Mithras. 1900.pdf 


Dermott, L. Ahiman Rezon 1756.pdf


Duncan, M. Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor. 1866. pdf

Hall, MP. The lost keys of Freemasonry.pdf


Hayward, G. Symbolical Masonry. 1923. pdf


Heindel, M. Ancient and Modern Initiation. 1931.pdf 


Kirkwall scroll.jpg


Lang, A. Myth, Ritual and Religion vol.1.pdf 


Leadbeater, C W. The hidden life in Freemasonry 1926.pdf 

Levi, E. Dogma and ritual 1896.pdf


MacGregor Mathers, SM. (Ed). The Key of Solomon.pdf


Mackey, AG. History of Freemasonry.pdf


Macoy, R. The Pocket Masonic Manual. 1867.pdf


Maier, M. Atalanta Fugiens 1617.pdf 


Massey, G. Ancient Egypt Light of the world.pdf


Massey, G. Collected Lectures.pdf 


Moore, C New Masonic Trestleboard 1/2 1850. pdf


Moore, C New Masonic Trestleboard 2/2 1850  .pdf


Morgan, W. The Mysteries of Freemasonry. pdf


Oliver, G. The Freemasons Treasury 1863.pdf 


Paine, T. The Origin of Freemasonry (essay). 1818.pdf

Pike, A. The book of words 

Preston, W. Illustrations of Masonry.pdf


Regius / Halliwell Poem. 1390.pdf 

Steinmetz, G. Freemasonry- Its hidden meaning 1948.pdf


Wallis Budge, E.A. Legends of the Gods. 1912.pdf 


Wilmshurst, WL. The meaning of Freemasonry.pdf


Wilmshurst, WL.The Masonic Initiation.pdf 


 Yarker, J. The Arcane Schools 1909.pdf