Lodge University of Sydney

No.544 on the register of Antient, Free and Accepted Masons of the United Grand Lodge of NSW and the ACT



Welcome to the Web Pages of Lodge University of Sydney!

" I rejoice to see the members of our University combining as such, whatever the purpose of their combination may be; every bond which knits the students together - every pursuit in which the students of former times have fellowship with the students of today - are signs of that natural sympathy and union of spirit which is a guarantee of the strength and permanence of the body which it pervades."

Prof Charles Badham (1813-1884)

Our Lodge was consecrated on the 24th of October 1924, and has a proud history of academic and Masonic excellence. Our membership originally comprised graduates and academics of the University of Sydney, but now embraces undergraduates, graduates and professionals from any recognised University or equivalent institution.

Lodge University of Sydney is a unique lodge that caters to Freemasons of an intellectual or professional background. Our membership is diverse in composition, including Health and Medical, Law, the Arts, Sciences, Engineering and Music among others. Our installations are among the most colourful in Masonry, with members donning their academic hoods and gowns during the evening. Visitors always enjoy coming to our installation ceremonies, since they also get to wear their academic dress, which for some may have been quite a few decades!

We're well known within our jurisdiction for the revelry and fun of our social activities and for our "Varsity Spirit" during the South (i.e. dinners after our meetings), which are held on the 3rd Friday of each month (excluding January) at the Sydney Masonic Centre, on the corner of Castlereagh Street and Goulburn Street, Sydney. Our installations are held on the third Friday in October. Visitors are most welcome to attend, though some proof of current membership of a regular lodge will be required during your proving.

Please feel free to explore this website. For those who are Masons-  we welcome affiliation and suggest you contact our Membership Officer, while for those considering joining Freemasonry please go to the section How to become a Freemason or Contact Us for further information.


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