Horizontal Navigation

Google Sites now offers two methods of navigation for your site, in the sidebar and now in the header, horizontally, with mouse-over drop-down menus.

Instructions - Horizontal Navigation

1) You need to enable this new navigation, to do so use the More Actions button, then Manage Site and go to Site Layout

2) Use the Change Site Layout button and then tick the Horizontal Navigation tick box and use the OK button.

3) When you return to the Site Layout screen you will the new Horizontal Navigation section: use the edit content link to add your pages to the horizontal navigation. This is a bit tedious since you have to add EVERY page in your site.

4) To add a page from your site use the Add Page link to show the sitemap to pick your page from, or search for the page you want to have in the horizontal navigation. 

5) If you want to add a link to another website then use the Add URL link to provide the web address and the link text you want to display.

6) If you want to make one of the links appear in the mouse-over drop-down menus then you need to make this an indented link by using the Indent arrow, the grey arrow that points to the right (you can use the Outdent arrow if you make a mistake, the grey arrow that points to the left).

7) Choose to show the Sitemap and Recent Site Activity if you wish.

8) Choose to show your Horizontal Navigation as either Boxes, Tabs or Links.

9) Use the OK button to keep the changes and then use the  Save Changes button to make the Horizontal Navigation Live.

10) Use the Return to site link to see your new Horizontal Navigation