Categories for Lockwood School Google Sites

Categories are added to Google Sites to help organize the many sites in a domain. At Lockwood School we have added categories to many of the sites hosted in our domain and just as many are lurking in the uncategorized area. IN an efoort to line up the many sites in the Lockwood domain I am suggesting the following consistent categories:

Activities, Clubs and Organizations
Gifted Education
Lockwood Intermediate School
Lockwood Middle School
Lockwood Primary School
Lockwood Student Sites
Mental Health Resources
Technology Resources

To stay consistent, add only one category to your site. To fill in a site category go to the
MORE ACTIONS pull down and choose MANAGE SITE. Then choose GENERAL. On the General screen you will find a field to fill in site category. Again, choose the ONE best category for your site ad be sure to spell it just as you see in the list above. (If you add your own category, the system automatically creates that category to accommodate your site. Then we end up with a number of categories that only house one site....MESSY!)

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