Mission Statement, Vision, And Goals

The mission of the Professional Development Committee is to enhance and support the professional growth of educators as they help all students achieve high standards of learning and development. 

The vision of the Professional Development Committee is to provide our district personnel with quality ongoing development which supports the schoolwide improvement goals.  

Goals for Professional Development

• focuses on teachers as central to student learning, yet includes all other members of the school community; 

• focuses on individual, collegial, and organizational improvement; 

• respects and nurtures the intellectual and leadership capacity of teachers, principals, and others in the school community; 

• reflects best available research and practice in teaching, learning, and leadership 

• enables teachers to develop further experience in subject content, teaching strategies, uses of technologies, and other essential elements in teaching to high standards; 

• promotes continuous inquiry and improvement embedded in the daily life of schools; 

• is planned collaboratively by those who will participate in and facilitate that development; 

• requires substantial time and other resources; 

• is driven by a coherent long-term plan; 

• is evaluated ultimately on the basis of its impact on teacher effectiveness and student learning; and this assessment guides subsequent professional development efforts.  

Professional Development Committee Members for 2011-2012:

Primary:  Tammy Biggins, Crys Arneson
Intermediate:  Andrea Schacht, Kim Yasenak
Middle School:  Shelly Ryan, Marcia Meyer
Para:  Sharmi Lagge
Admin:  Eileen Johnson, Mike Bowman, Gordon Klasna, Darlene Hess