My philosophy of FACS is to prepare you for all of the practical aspects of life.  When you leave my class it is my hope that you have mastered these skills:

  • Working as a team member with all kinds of people.

  • Working safely in the kitchen.

  • Using a recipe to prepare healthy, nutritious meals.

  • Caring for children as a caregiver or a parent.

  • Using a sewing machine to complete a basic sewing project.

  • Using a hand sewing needle and other tools to repair clothing.

  • Using financial resources responsibly.

  • Using advertising to make good buying decisions.

  • Exploring options for future careers.

Over the 20 weeks you will spend in FACS we will engage in many activities to master these skills.  My emphasis is on hands-on activities and projects in the classroom that can be used at home as well.