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Activities for Home

These activities are very helpful for children to practice at home with parents.  Spending time at home helps children to be so much more successful in the classroom.

Proofreading is a great way to go through work brought home together with your child.  It is also a very good way to strengthen visual memory.  Do this by having your child read a paper he/she brings home.  As you come to a misspelled word, have your child say the individual sounds of the word and see if they can identify the mistake.  If not, write the word for your child, let them copy it, then cover it and see if they are able to rewrite it correctly.  Keep a list of these words and practice often.

**Learning math facts so they are internalized and automatic is critical for children to be successful in the math curriculum.  A strategy for learning difficult facts is to just pick three or four facts that are causing difficulty.  Practice these facts with flashcards, mixing them up and going over and over them.  As your child becomes more confident with a fact, add another, and then another.  If  your child has diffficulty with one fact put it back one card over and over until it becomes automatic.  It is also important for the whole number sentence to be said instead of just the answer.