The Lockwood School Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday at 6:00 PM. This site will post all documents pertinent to the monthly meetings including the agenda, the minutes of the previous meeting and all files to be considered at the meeting.

Lockwood School Board Goals

Areas of Focus:

•   Standards/Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment

o High Achievement for Each Student

 Ongoing proactive development and implementation of a

   clear and viable curriculum exceeding state standards

 Professional development and support

     Use of formative and common assessments                   

Ensure that All Students Will Have The Opportunity

    to Learn What is Expected of Them

Strong alignment between intended and assessed curriculum

 Data gathering and utilization

•   Students/Families/Community

o Provide Value Added Resources to Our Community

o Encourage Active Involvement of Families in

Student Learning

o Focus on Staff and Student Mental, Physical and

Emotional Well Being

•   Resources

o Maximize Financial Resource Utilization

 Evaluate the current and ongoing costs of programs,

   technology, campus facilities and professional staffing

•   Advocacy

o Encourage Board, Student and Staff Involvement in

Community, Regional and State Organizations

 Focusing on our student and community interests

•   Climate

o Focus on Safety, Security and Facility Needs

o Foster Positive Professional Relationships Between

Staff, Administration and Trustees Based Upon

Mutual Respect and Open Communications

 Expand opportunities for collaboration

o Build School, Community and Civic Pride

Revised July 2017


Monthly Agenda and Documents
Posted below is the latest agenda 
for the Board of Trustees meeting.

Supporting documents can be found HERE.