Quarter 1

Books, Books, Books Game

Dewey Webquest

Quarter 3

Biography Games

Tillie's Ride

Internet Safety Lessons

2nd Adventure

Faux Paw Videos-Safety

Library Jeopardy



Young Reader's Choice

Quarter 4

National Poetry Month

(Scholastic Network)

Poetry Idea Engine

Morse Code Information-Enchanted Learning

Google Translate

YouTube Video

Extended Studies Scat Novel Study Site
When the cherry Blossoms Fell Novel Study Site
Detective Game
Japanese Canadian Video
Japanese Numbers

1 ichi - (ee-chee)
2 ni - (nee)
3 san - (sahn)
4 shi - (shee)
5 go - (goh)
6 roku - (roke - usually the U at the end is whispered)
7 shichi - (shee-chee)
8 hachi - (hah-chee)
9 kyuu - (Q)
10 juu - (joo)

Peach Boy Legend

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Internet Safety

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