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Super 3 Presentation

Super 3 Song

By Michelle Rosen and Debra Halabis

(Sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)

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When I need to do research,

I have three steps to help me.

Plan, Do and Review,

Plan, Do and Review,

Plan, Do and Review,

It’s called the Super3™.


Montana Research

Find out more about your state and places to visit by clicking either link.

Visit Montana

Montana Kids

Animal Research

1. Pick an animal.

2. Using the four square paper, write facts in your own words.

3. Remember to cite your source.

4. Now, write a paragraph in your BEST handwriting.

Passport Project

1. Fill in your passport with information about each country in your passport.

2. After you have all your information, your may draw the country flag.

Spider Research

1. Use Enchanted Learning Spider Website to find out about Spiders and take your Spider Quiz.

2. When finished you may explore World Book Encyclopedia for a spider of your choice.

3. Remember to READ carefully as you are doing READ Search (Research).

U.S. Symbols Research Project

1. Each Student will select one symbol to research. You will use the website below.

2. Make sure you take notes in your own words.

3. You will get to draw your symbol using kidpix and write some information about your symbol.

4.When everyone is finished, we will make a slideshow.

Do your best!

Symbols of Government Website

Other Projects

Writing a Letter