I have a BFA in Studio Art specializing in drawing. I am certified in
Secondary Art and Secondary Special Ed. I have been employed by LISD for 23 years, 6 years as a teaching assistant, 2 years as a Special Ed Resource Teacher in Consumer Math and US and World History, and 17 years doing the love of my life career choice ART I II III IV/AP .

My goal for my students is to give them the opportunity to explore the world of art through everyday experiences. Recognize that art is a form of visual expression as well as communication.There are a number of jobs in this world that use the very art skills I teach.

For example: (Art I problem
solving) The students are given a quote and are asked to illustrate the
meaning of the quote as a classroom warm up. When the students begin to visualize the meaning of the written words and illustrate that meaning they  begin to relate to  art as a form of illustrative communication. This is very helpful for students who have difficulty in reading and comprehending.

Employment opportunities with an art background :

  • Graphic Art, Advertisement, Architecture, Photogtraphy, journalism, marketing, carpentry, landscape design, engineering, fashion desighn, interior design, culinary design, cake decorating, book illustrations, medical field, tile design, studio artist, painter, ceramics etc.......... 

Students will draw from a still life set up by myself and students. Students
will be encouraged to draw from real life objects to help develope their
visual , depth perception and perspective skills.

My goal is to help students recognize their strengths and implement that
feeling of success in their core classes and in real world experiences.

One goal for my advanced classes (ART ,III,IV ) is to have students keep a portfolio of their work. By keeping up with a portfolio students will be asked and encouraged to apply for AP credit by submitting their portfolio to the
college board for placement. I am very enthusiastic towards my students success from the past in which several
students  have completed their projects in the specific areas of the AP Drawing portfolio and have scored  well within Collegeboard's expectations.

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