Patricia Bagley
Room 311

I am a 1998 graduate of Lockhart High! I participated in 4-H, band, drama, and many other activities. I am trying my best to carry on the love for teaching physics as my mentor and friend, Juan Torres, once did.

I received a BS in Mathematics and Physics in 2002 and a Med in Mathematics and Physics in 2004 from Southwest Texas State University. I did research for the Physics Department and was an instructional assistant for the Mathematics Department during my college career.

Currently, I teach Physics. Learning about and sharing science with others is a passion for me and I hope that your individual interests will contribute to and help shape this course into a fulfilling experience for all of us.

Outside of the classroom, I am enjoy spending time with my family. We are avid gamers and love learning new things.  My first child, Lexi, was born on Mother's day of 2009 and my second, Charlie, was born June of 2013.  They keep me very busy and teach me new things everyday!