The TAG Experience

When I am tested and qualify for the TAG Program, how long will I be in the TAG Program?
Once you are tested by a GT Facilitator and are deemed eligible for TAG, you are in the Lockhart ISD GT Program until you leave the district . TAG is a class offered in Grades K-5. It is not a class at the junior high and high school level.  

When do I have TAG class? 
During the school year,  you will come to the TAG classroom 2 days a week, depending on your schools master schedule. *TAG class does not meet the first and last weeks of the school year.

Do I need to make-up any classwork I miss in my homeroom while I am at TAG? 
You are responsible to keep up with your academic studies when you miss class.  
Teachers are asked not to introduce new subject material while you are away. 

Do we make-up TAG class if we miss it? 
Unfortunately we cannot make-up missed classes due to my schedule.