The TAG Experience

When I am tested and qualify for the TAG Program, how long will I be in the TAG Program?
Once you are tested by a GT Facilitator and are deemed eligible for TAG, you are in the program till you graduate high school. TAG is a class offered in Grades K-5. It is not a class at the junior high and high school level.  

When do I have TAG class? 
During the school year,  you will come to the TAG classroom 1 to 2 times a week, depending on your schools master schedule. *TAG class does not meet the first and last week of the school year. 

How long will I be away from homeroom? 
Ideally, we try to have students come to TAG for a minimum of 2 hours per week. For students in Grades K-2, we will split their time into two separate days. 

Do I need to make-up any classwork I miss in my homeroom while I am at TAG? 
You are responsible to keep up with your studies. But you do not have to complete the work you miss in your homeroom while in TAG. Teachers are asked not to introduce new subject material while you are away. 

Do we make-up TAG class if we miss it? 
Unfortunately, there are a lot of circumstances that will cause TAG classes to meet (i.e. early dismissal, school holiday, bad weather delay). TAG is a very important class that GT students should attend weekly.