Mission For The Class

My mission for my classes and your students is to ensure that every student is
successful and leaves my class with skills and abilities that will make them successful in their life endeavors.

This is best accomplished by making the subject applicable to their lives as young adults and by providing a 

safe environment where they can grow and develop into intelligent, thoughtful adults.  

I want each student to be excited each day about what they are going to learn and to develop critical thinking skills that
will allow them to be successful where ever life takes them.  My goal is always that the students leave my classroom with at least one new thought or question.  I want to stretch them and put them outside their comfort box so that they will see that failing is part of life and it is how we deal with these trials that makes us who we really are.  No one who is really successful has not had the experience of failing.  With the end in mind, 
we can begin working towards a successful, fun year.

Room: 208
Phone: 398-0387
Conference Period:  6th period:  1:50-2:35 p.m 
Tutoring:  Mornings: Monday- Friday 8:00-8:45, Afternoons: Wednesday-Friday 4:15-4:45 or by arrangements.  

About the Teacher: 


Life is a journey and one of life's lessons is just that....how to make the most of of that journey.  For me, that journey began in a small Texas town called Hallettsville.   I am familiar with upside and the downside of being a teenager in a small town where everyone knows everyone and the talk of the town is all about everyone's business.  After attending the University of Texas at Austin, I knew I wanted to live in Austin or nearby.  I lived in Cedar Park, Tx for 19 years before moving to Lockhart in 1986.  I am married to a wonderful man, Gilbert Garcia for 37 years and counting and we  have three children, Mark, Emily, and John.  My children have all graduated from  LISD, so I am familiar with the school district as a parent.  I have served on the parent advisory committee and been an active member of multiple school organizations. All three of my children will have completed their college studies and have degrees varying from communications (non science) to experimental biology to computer science (sciences).  I know first hand the challenges of competing in the post secondary world for students who do not have all of the technological amenities of a richer district, but I think I also know the basic skills and knowledge that can make a student successful in school and ultimately in life.  This is what I hope to pass onto my students. My main focus is to provide direction for your student in order that they may develop the study skills necessary for that post secondary world.  


I graduated from Hallettsville High School and attended the University of Texas at Austin where I received a Bachelor's of Art Degree in Microbiology in 1976. I am a member of Phi Beta Kappa.  I also attended the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in Santa Fe, New Mexico and hold certifications as a medical support Clinical hypnotherapy fellow through the International Board of Hypnotherapy.  I also serve on the advisory board of the International Board of Hypnotherapy. I enjoy learning more each day about how the brain and the mind works, and how we can apply this knowledge to making our journey through life easier and more rewarding. I attended the Hay House "Yes I Can" conference in Austin, June,2014 and was privileged to hear Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Brian Weiss speak.  


Before coming to Lockhart High School as a science teacher, I was gainfully employed for 31 years at the Texas Department of State Health Services.  During this time, I served as a microbiologist, supervisor, and finally manager for the Public Health Bacteriology Laboratory performing testing for foodborne outbreaks, sexually transmitted diseases, and FDA testing for Milk, food, and shellfish.  In 2001, after 9/11 I became manager for the Emergency Preparedness Branch supervising the Biological and Chemical Threat Laboratory Response Network for the state of Texas.   I performed duties 24/7/365 to ensure that Texas could rapidly respond to any biological or chemical emergency.  I was a member of the Multiagency Coordination Team for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 where I worked to assist families find their displaced loved ones and get critical medical services.

This is my ninth year teaching science at Lockhart High School.  I have participated with the Region XIII Science Collaborative which allows our school to have access to cutting edge educational training  and networking with other school districts which I readily apply in my classroom.   I have also networked at the M.D.Anderson Science Park facility in Smithville during the summers of 2010-2012.  This was a deeply rewarding learning experience which I share with my students. With the support of the Advanced Placement Grant, I have been able to attend summer institute training in Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental science.  This experience allowed teachers to share best practices for a successful AP program.  This summer I attended a summer educator's program at the University of Texas at MD Anderson in Houston.  It was a two week intensive look at the undergraduate and graduate degree program for the School of Health Professions which showed me many avenues of study which I will now share with my students.   


So, why did I decide to teach your students?  I noticed the decreasing numbers of young people interested in pursuing a career in science.  The high tech era offered salaries that our core science jobs could not compete with. Therefore, we are finding ourselves as a nation in a critical shortage of trained scientists to perform research, public health activities, clinical science (laboratory) duties, and medical needs which will be required to replace the "baby boomers" when they retire. I enjoyed my career in public health, but I know I could not have been successful without the fantastic science teachers I had in high school.  I think I can be a source of inspiration for my students and relate what they are learning to what they might be doing in the "real" world.


I bring with me to my classroom a life-long love for learning.  I truly believe that if I am fully present, I can do anything I decide.  I know this to be true for all of my students.  I am excited and look forward to working with you, your students, and our school district to make this a fantastic school year and an inspiring year for our students.