Revolutionary War


Battle of Bunker Hill

In Massachusetts, the patriot army was growing. Thousands of rebels poured into England ready to drive the British out of the colonies, and more specifically, out of Boston. Learn how the Battle of Bunker Hill helped with this goal.

Battle of Lexington

The British were to find that 1775 was a disastrous year for the Redcoats and this battle is one of the reasons why.

Battle of Lexington and Concord

A brief history of the battle is described.

Battle at Yorktown

The Battle at Yorktown and the war's end--click here for more information.

Boston Massacre

Read about one of the milestones in the war against the British.

Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party

Brief description of the cause for the Boston Tea Party.

Committees of Correspondence

Committees of Correspondence

In March of 1773, twenty-nine year old Dabney Carr rose from his seat in the Virginia House of Burgesses and proceeded to change the world. Find out how everything changed!

Committees of Correspondence

Helped spread news about what when on in colonial times.


Second Continental Congress

PBS chronicles the revolution.

Second Continental Congress

Describes the purpose of this congress.

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…--this is one of the reasons you should learn more about the Declaration of Independence.

Declaration of Independence

Click here to learned who signed the declaration.

Famous People

American Revolution Biographies

Meet iconic figures in the the war of independence, known as the American Revolution.

The American Revolution - Important People

Meet the important people of the American Revolution.

History Makers

Read the biographies of the people that shaped important events of the revolutionary war.

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General Information

Liberty! The American Revolution

PBS presents the American Revolution.


Links to American Revolution research.

Links for American Revolution research.

Legislative Acts

Stamp Act

Tells what the Stamp Act is and why it came about.

Townshend Act

Designed to collect revenue from the colonists in America.


Who Were the Minutemen?

Read about this special group of fighting men.

Music and Art

American Revolution Art Gallery

View paintings depicting the American Revolution.

Fiddle Tunes of the American Revolution

Listen to the tunes that were transcribed from the actual book "Fiddle Tunes From the American Revolution."

Massing of the Colors

View photos of what the actual soldiers would of looked like during the war.

Petitions & Proclamations

Olive Branch Petition

Represents the final effort of the American Colonists to have their conditions ameliorated and the differences between themselves and the Mother Country settled amicably.

Olive Branch Petition

They made one last attempt to find a peaceful end to the revolution--click here for more info.

Proclamation of 1763

Detailed description of the Proclamation. Prohibited the colonists from buying certain lands.