Industrial Revolution

3 Key Elements of the Industrial Revolution in the U.S.

Read how transportation, industry, and electrification transformed the Nation.

Child Labor During the Industrial Revoluton

Businesses and bosses exploited children and women during the industrial revolution. Read about and look at pictures of children working.

Ebsco eBooks -Industrial Revolution

Read online books about the industrial revolution in the United States. Industrial Revolution

Learn about the birthplace of the industrial revolution, innovation and industrialization, communication and banking in the industrial revolution.

Industrial Revolution How it Began in the United States

After learning about the industrial revolution at this site, take a quiz to see how much you remember.

Industrial Revolution Inventions

See a list of all the inventions created during the industrial revolution.

The Industrial Revolution

Learn about the causes and effects of the industrial revolution and the working and living conditions.

LISD Inventors and Inventions Site

Many inventions were created during the industrial revolution. Click here to learn about them.