Colonial America

States and Capitals

State information resource links to state homepage, symbols, flags, maps, constitution, representatives, songs, birds, flowers, trees, population, capitals, etc.

Founding the American Colonies (13 Original Colonies)

Learn about the founding of the original American colonies. Click on the name of your colony to learn more.

13 Colonies

When they were founded and who founded them.

South Carolina

Scroll down to find out what resources helped make this colony grow.

Gallery of Early American Portraits

To better understand that era and the personalities who placed their stamp on it here is a gallery of portraits of early America's statesmen, activists, politicians and military leaders from both sides of the water.

History of Jamestown

Find out what it took to be a settler in the early-American colony of Jamestown.

Life in Early America

Discover a wealth of resources--a unique array of primary source material from 18th Century America. Scenes and portraits from original newspapers, maps and writings come to life on your screen just as they appeared to this country's forebears more than two centuries ago. (At the site click "Enter Now" for more info.)

Making Colonial Soap

Life was hard. You couldn't go to a store to get what you needed, you had to make it. Read here to learn more--scroll to get the information.

Pilgrim Daily Life

An investigation into life as a Pilgrim or a Wampanoag member and much much more. (Click on a picture for the information.)

Virtual Jamestown

Take a walking tour and an interactive tour of colonial Jamestown. Also research court records, maps, and labor contracts.

Voyage on the Mayflower

Discover the parts of the Mayflower and how life was at sea in 1620.