Civil War

Civil War Resources

American Civil War

Civil war links to battles, people, photographs and much more.

Civil War at the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian was only 15 years old when the war started. This site has many artifacts from the Civil War.

The Civil War Home Page

This site has many links for the topics of the Civil War.

Learn about the causes and effects of the Civil War.

Civil War Potpourri

Click here to find all kinds of interesting facts about the Civil War: battle names, boys in the war, Civil War "firsts," famous horses, names, etc.

Home of the American Civil War

This site offers sections on battles, medicine, biographies, naval war and more.

Interactive Civil War Map

Use this interactive map on major Civil War locations and battles to help with research, reports, or projects

The Time of the Lincolns

PBS tells the story of foot soldiers, politicians, and women during the war. Take a virtual tour of a slave cabin and learn about slavery.


Civil War Battle Summaries by State

Read about each battle during the Civil War.

Civil War Battles at History Central

Learn about the major battles of the Civil War.

The Official Records of the War Of The Rebellion

Each battle of the war was recorded by commanders in the battle. Read their reports at this site.

Symbols of Battle

Look at the flags used in the battles during the Civil War.

The Ten Costliest Battles of the Civil War

The data is based on the total casualties (killed, wounded, missing and captured).

Famous People

Civil War Leaders

Learn about the leaders on both sides of the war.

Famous People of the Civil War

Cyber Sleuth Kids compiled this index of famous people.

Medical Practices

Civil War Medicine at Wilson's Creek

Learn about gun shot wounds, amputations, and other medical procedures performed in a Civil War hospital.

Civil War Medicine

Read about the nurses, doctors, and patients of the Civil War.

Field Hospital

Look at pictures of the hospital on the battlefield.

Medical Treatment

Read an overview of the medical treatment received by soldiers in the war.

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Look at pictures of hospital tents, surgical instruments, and field dressings. Also, take virtual tours of the museum.

Surgical Sets

Look surgical sets doctors used during the Civil War.

Military Strategies

American Civil War Map Collection

Look at maps of sections of the United States.

Civil War Submarines

View the drawings on one of the first submarines.

Submarines and the Civil War

Submarines were used in the Civil War for combat.

Submarines in the Civil War

Learn about the history of the Civil War submarine and view several photographs.


The Camera Goes to War

The camera was invented 22 years before the Civil War. Learn how the camera was used during the war.

Civil War Photos

This site has over 1,000 photos that include civilians, military life, battles, medicine, etc.

U. S. A. Civil War Photographs

Hundreds of photographs are shown at this site.


Expansion, Slavery, and Civil War Timeline

This timeline shows the time period of slavery in the United States.

Slave Quarters

Take a 360 degree view of a slave cabin in Charleston.

Slavery and Freedom

Learn about the abolitionist, the underground railroad and the condition of slaves.

Wage Slavery

Where immigrants who worked in the Northern factories living in the same conditions as the Southern slaves?


Technology & War

The war between the states brought many new inventions to the United States.

The Time of the Lincolns: Technology

The cotton gin, anesthesia, steam engine and many other inventions became popular during the Civil War period.


Timeline of the Civil War

Learn about the events of the war from 1861-1865.

Smithsonian Civil War Timeline

View the events of the Civil War.

Women of the War

Civil War Women

Read about the women who supported their cause during the Civil War.

Women of the American Civil War

Learn about the important women of the Civil War.