Science Resources

Earth Science World

The Image Bank now has over 6,000 images available to search, making it one of the largest sources of Earth Science imagery.

Education World-Science Center

Enter the Science Center to access tools, lesson planning, themes, standards and much more.

The Franklin Institute Learning Resources

The Franklin Institute created an abundance of free educational materials covering topics relating to science and technology.

How Stuff Works

Find out how things work at this interesting site.

Kids' Wings

Suzy Red's links to science web sites.

PBS Science

All of the great PBS science shows can be found here, including Nova, Newton's Apple, Nature, and Scientific American Frontiers, as well as fun puzzles.

PBS Science and Technology Teacher Source

Lesson plans, online activities, classroom resources, and professional development projects.


Online activities for language arts, social studies, science and math. Activities created for each grade level.

Science News for Students

Science news updated weekly for students.

Simple Machines

Can you identify simple machines in your bedroom, your bathroom or in the tool shed? Watch the short videos and see if you can answer the questions during the quiz.

Simply Science

This site provides links that are grade level appropriate for students and science extensions and curriculum connections for teachers.

Smithsonian Science Education Center

Teaching resources for all areas of science including lesson plans, MP3 files, science games, and other activities.

Teaching Science with Technology

Edtechteacher provides dozens of options for integrating technology into the science curriculum.

Students can try all kinds of science activities at


All of the best K-5 online, interactive, educational games and simulations in one place!

World Continents and Oceans Games

Try these on line activities to learn where the continents and oceans are located.

USGS Science Resources for Primary Grades (K–6)

USGS educational resources provides resources that can be used directly in the classroom or will be useful in classroom lessons or demonstrations.