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Science Fair Projects for all levels. There are hundreds of ideas for every science topic, from Astronomy to Zoology! This site even includes instructions.

20+ Science Fair Projects that will Wow the Crowd

Step-by-step instructions and videos showing students and families how to do fun science projects.

31 Great Science Fair Projects for 5th Grade

Upper elementary science fair projects are collected at this site.

40 Cool Science Experiments on the Web

Scholastic provides 40 experiments that you can do outside of the classroom.

Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects

Project ideas for a math science fair project. This site includes many links featuring math fairs.

Science Bob

Need help picking a topic for the science fair? Science Bob has a list of ideas.

Science Buddies: Science Fair Project Guide

Follow the steps and tips to create your own science project.

Science Fair Central

This site offers a science fair handbook, dozens of project ideas and links.

Science Kids: Science Projects

Investigate a wide range of science fair projects for kids.

Science Fair Project Ideas

Take a quiz to see which project you might be interested in completing or take a look at the list of ideas.

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Science fair ideas written for all grade-levels and science topics.

USGS: Science Fair Project Ideas

Do you want to have a science fair project related to earthquakes? Click on this site for more information.