Natural Disasters

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross helps keep people safe every day as well as in an emergency.

FEMA for Kids

At FEMA for Kids learn how to make a plan, know the facts, build a kit and get involved with natural disasters.

Know the Facts

Learn more about natural disasters, such as their cause, where they occur, and how to stay safe.

Natural Disaster Brochures

NOAA provides brochures for hurricanes, tornadoes, lighting, floods, thunderstorms, hail and heat.


Avalanche Safety

Information about avalanches and avalanche safety.



Explains what a blizzard is, why it's dangerous, and how to survive if caught in one.


How Droughts Affect Us

Kids can learn how droughts affect us, the definition of drought, and how to track a drought.


LISD Earthquake Links


Erosion of a Sea Stack

Pictures from 1890 to 1990 show erosion of Jump-off Joe in Oregon.


Brush Fires

Brushfires are natural hazard or natural disaster.


The Natural Disasters Association provides information on wildfires and the causes.



NOVA Online takes a look at the history of floods, the Midwestern flood of 1993, the benefits of floods, and more.

Hail Storms

Hail Storms

Images and stories of hail, hail storms and the damage they cause.


LISD Hurricane Links

Ice Storms

Ice Storms: Hazardous Beauty

Learn how glaze ice forms and where these storms occur.



What are landslides? The United States Search and Rescue Task Force describes landslides and the areas mostly likely to have a landslide.

Lightning Storms

Thunderstorms and Lighting

Learn how to prepare for storms and learn the facts about them.


Meteorite Impacts

Meteorites have hit Earth. Learn how they have impacted our environment.


Mud Slides

Landslides and Mudslides

What to do before and after a hurricane. Provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Mudslide Fact Sheet

Learn how to prepare for a mudslide from FEMA.


Gone With the Wind

Learn about the parts of a sandstorm.

Sandstorms-How They Form

Sandstorms happen when great gusts of wind pick up sand and carry it for miles.


Florida Sinkholes

Learn about the different type of sinkholes and how to prevent them.

USGS: Sinkholes

Sinkholes are common where the rock below the land is porous.


Observing Tornadoes, Dust Devils, Whirl Winds, Water Spouts and Land Spouts

Learn the different characteristics of each type of formation.

Tornadoes Basics

Learn what causes tornadoes and waterspouts, the shapes and sizes, and the ways to identify a tornado.


Enchanted Learning: Tsunami

Look at diagrams showing how tsunamis are formed.

How Tsunamis Work

Learn how tsunamis work and look at before and after pictures of a tsunami.


Animated Guide: Typhoon

Watch a demonstration of how a typhoon is created.


LISD Volcano Links

Water Spouts

Observing Tornadoes, Dust Devils, Whirl Winds, Water Spouts and Land Spouts

Learn the different characteristics of each type of formation.