Biomes at Earth Floor

View the biomes on earth and then link to each biome.

Biomes - Habitats at Enchanted Learning

Learn about the major communities of plants and animals on Earth.

Blue Planet Biomes

Discover the planet and animals of each biome.

Different Biomes

Go to this site for descriptions of biomes and the definition of what a biome is.

Exploring Ecosystems

Learn about the living and nonliving parts of different systems.

Internet Geography

Information on biomes and ecosystems and a definition of an ecosystem. Answers questions like "what is it", "how did it get to be this way", "what is the impact on our environment and on humans", etc.

Biomes and Ecosystems Map

Click here to see a map of the different systems--click on the region to enlarge the map.

The World's Biomes

Click on the five major biomes on the Earth and learn what grows and lives in each region.

What's It Like Where You Live?

This site gives info on the different biomes, freshwater ecosystems, and marine ecosystems.