Read and overview of the cycles on Earth.

Life Cycles

Look at four different types of cycles: plants, human health, sounds and adaptations.

Real Trees

Materials needed by all organisms are reused or recycled. Click here to learn about the predictable patterns or cycles.

The Rock Cycle

Rocks can change form. Learn about sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock, and igneous rock here.

The Seasons

Spring, summer, winter, and fall are explained at this site.

The Seasons and Axis Tilt

Enchanted Learning describes the seasons and it shows a diagram of the Earth on its axis.

Seasons Reasons

Learn why the Earth has seasons and watch how the Earth tilts on its axis.

Water, Carbon, & Nitrogen Cycles

Look at graphs and read about the three cycles of water, carbon and nitrogen.

The Water Cycle

Water is always changing. Learn about the parts of the water cycle.